Finger nails: You can see this in your nails and identify health problems.. If any color changes, what diseases can come! , Nails: What does it mean to have a half moon on your nails?

HealthFinger nails: You can see this in your nails...


Nails: Doctors usually recommend a blood test to rule out any health problems. And this is the most common thing. Some experts say that unhealthy problems arising in the body can be easily detected without medical examination. However, most people dismiss such suggestions with disbelief. But some say that their health problems can be traced too easily. Experts say that every man can know his health problems only by his nails. Some nails are clean and smooth, while others are a little different.

crescents on nails

Usually everyone has a crescent-shaped mark on their fingers. Semicircles of this shape are called lunula. However, experts say that our health problems can be assessed based on what the lunula looks like. It is also said that if the lunula is damaged, the growth of nails will stop there. specialist. Can you know health problems just by looking at the nails..? There was doubt in everyone’s mind whether this is really true. Let us see how to know the health problems that are still on the nails through lunula.

If not ‘Lunula’ (crescent) on fingers, then anemia.. Experts want to understand that malnutrition. To understand that if there is red, yellow and green color on the lunula then there will be heart disease. Also, if it is very small then it should be understood that toxins are increasing in the body. Experts suggest that if the lunula is blue, it should be understood that she may soon have diabetes. It is better if the nails are white. Also, if your nails are not white.. If the nails are not lunula, then experts recommend to consult a doctor. Also, if the lunula turns red, it is a sign that there is a possibility of heart disease. If it turns brown then it is a sign of kidney disease.

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What kind of diseases when the color changes:

If the water changes color to yellow – Diabetes
If it turns brown – fluoride problem
If it turns red – related to the heart
Urinary tract problem if it turns red and white
If it turns blue – other diseases
If it turns yellow – Tetracycline therapy

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