Saturday, November 26, 2022

First Taiwanese translation of Irish literary classic Dubliners is published in Dublin

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The world’s first Taiwanese translation of the Irish literary classic “Dubliners” (Dubliners) was recently published in Taiwan. A new book launch took place in Dublin on the 24th. Liu Yingcheng, translator and adjunct assistant professor at the Department of Chinese, Tsinghua University, personally appeared and shared the translation process.

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“Dubliners” is a short story written by Irish author James Joyce (1882–1941).NovelThe collection, first published in 1914, describes middle-class life in Dublin, Ireland’s largest city, at the beginning of the 20th century.

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In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Liu Yingcheng traveled from Taiwan to Ireland in the second half of this month to publish his translation. The Taiwanese translation of “Dubliners” was presented at the “Trinity Center for Literary and Cultural Translation” of Trinity University in Dublin, chaired by James Hadley, director of the center.

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Liu Yingcheng shared that the translation of literary works is by no means “parallel translation” (correlated translation). In the process of translating “Dubliners” into Taiwanese, he not only had to avoid “Chinese-style Taiwanese”, but also to focus on how to faithfully capture the charm and musicality of Joyce’s words to the Taiwanese octave. be reflected, which was very important. challenging. sex.

At the press conference, Liu Yingcheng immediately recited three translations in Taiwanese, so that the audience could directly experience the difference and cultural interest between English and Taiwanese.

Hadley said that the Taiwanese translation of “Dubliners” is not only an important piece of the puzzle for the globalization of modern Irish literature, but also helps Irish people understand Taiwanese culture. He revealed that he would record Liu Yingcheng’s reading of the Taiwanese translation of “Dubliners” and add it to the “Voice Collection” of the Literary and Cultural Translation Center of Trinity University.

Ireland’s representative Yang Zibao said that during Liu Yingcheng’s visit to Ireland, he also met with Darina Gallagher, director of the James Joyce Center, and Simon O’Connor, director of the Museum of Literature Ireland. With the support of the Committee for Overseas Chinese Affairs, Liu Yingcheng will participate in the “Appointment between Dublin translators of overseas Chinese and Taiwanese” tomorrow.


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