‘Flappy Bird’, Anime and Stephen A. Smith.Here’s the schedule for the best NFL teams

With football still four months away, the NFL is reminding everyone of the upcoming season by releasing schedules for all 32 teams on Thursday.

In honor of the occasion, several NFL teams unleashed their creativity and showed off their schedules.

From video games to anime to bad animation and celebrity faces, here are some of the best schedules for teams across the league:

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are clearly fans of the “Flappy Bird” game and incorporate it into their schedule.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have unveiled their schedule, and fans can find some Easter eggs.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers must have been big fans of the ’90s, and they revealed their schedule.

Cincinnati Bengals

Bengal tigers use bad animation and hundreds of stock photos to show off a fun schedule.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys may be asking their biggest haters to help release the schedule.

Detroit Lions

The Lions are focused on how they can improve their ability to win in the 2022 season with special training.

Houston Texans

The Texans are fans of the Disney Channel, and when the schedule was announced, they had the team practice their best Mickey Mouse ears.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers showed off their putting skills while announcing the schedule.


Chargers use animation to reveal their schedule.

minnesota vikings

Hall of Famer Johnny Randle got Vikings fans excited when he revealed the schedule.

New York Giants

Eli Manning revealed how the Giants organize their schedule.

new york jets

The Jets decided to reveal their schedule “out of context.”

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