Florida City Council approves permanent plan for outdoor commercial patio

Fremont City Council in the Bay Area approved a permanent plan for an outdoor commercial terrace. The picture shows a businessman in Fremont having previously removed the tent because the temporary license expired, but the support has not yet been removed. (Reporter Xiong Yishan/Photography)

EpidemicperiodSan FranciscoMost businesses have taken external emergency measures for building roofs to avoid the risk of infection caused by indoor food. But in reality, in order to build a roof, it is necessary to apply for a temporary license to the local municipal government. The Fremont City’s Department of Economic Development, Nanwan, proposed a proposal after a census, hoping to permanently replace the annual license replacement. Licensed to assist small and medium-sized businesses. This proposal has also been proposed recently. Passed by the city council and expected to open for commercial applications on July 11.

Fremont City Councilor Shao Yang said the proposal also authorizes the council to use a lump-sum fund of 40,000 yuan to provide priority applications to 80 companies, exempting the 500-yuan application license fee for permanent roofs. , and this exemption is only for by the end of 2022, businesses that miss applying for an outdoor patio license this time will have to pay a 500-yuan review fee. For more information on how to apply and offset license fees, visit www.Fremont.gov/PopUpPatio.

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