Flow Fest 2021. sold out tickets

U.S.A.Flow Fest 2021. sold out tickets

Sold out all my tickets 10 days before the concert (Photo: Instagram / @cocacola_flow)

Festivals in Mexico are a reality without concerts for almost two years due to COVID-19, Official Instagram page from just a few days ago Flow Fest sold all its tickets for its 2021 edition,

The pre-sale of tickets started from September 29 and 30. As is customary, this was done in phases, starting with 860 pesos in the morning and continuing with the usual individual sales of 980 pesos. Tickets were available for general sale from 1 October.

“Speechless. It’s Thank You! We’re All Flow Fest ”shared the reggaeton festival on his social network. Although the publication was quickly flooded with comments, because Many people started questioning themselves and tried to get tickets to attend the concert.,

The desire to get tickets was so much that Flow Fest decided to create a dynamic so that its followers can get tickets and attend the said event, They had to follow the following instructions: follow their Instagram page, comment on their other posts, tag up to three of their friends, add the same post to their temporary stories, and the ones whose comments got the most “likes” would be the winner..

Flow Fest 2021 decided to give after tickets have been sold out (Photo: Instagram / @cocacola_flow)
Flow Fest 2021 decided to give after tickets have been sold out (Photo: Instagram / @cocacola_flow)

it should be remembered that Since its appearance in 2017, the festival has established itself as one of the most important in MexicoJoining major events like Corona Capital and Vive Latino. In all versions made, great exponents of the urban genre such as Daddy Yankee, Jay Balvin, Anuel AA, Ozuna and many others appeared, who were in charge of pleasing their thousands of fans.

incredible festival This will happen next Saturday, November 27th from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm on November 28th, in curve 4 Hermanos Rodriguez Racetrack, same location of previous versions. Access will be through Gate 15 located on AJ 3 Sur or Annil, between Calle Avena and Regina.

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The organization of the event had reported months ago that strict hygiene protocols would be followed for these concerts. To be allowed entry into the Forum, they will be required to submit a complete vaccination certificate or test negative for COVID-19, to be applied for a maximum of 72 hours prior to the day they wish to enter.,

They will also take temperatures before reaching the autodromo and mandate the use of face masks and hand-washing stations when food or drink is not consumed, as well as antibacterial gel.

The festival will have several mandatory health protocols (Photo: Instagram / @cocacola_flow)
The festival will have several mandatory health protocols (Photo: Instagram / @cocacola_flow)

It will have three phases in which different artists will perform together and at different times.

For this edition, the program poster is in charge of leading the ozuna To present your latest production enohMILF legends Visin and Yandel, As well as Farruko After your latest success pepaso, after them there are artists jha cortez, Lune, Bizarre, Mora, Jr. H, Nathi Peluso, Famous Uzielito Mix. one of the most anticipated raw alejandro with its simple everything about youWhich went viral on Tik Tok.

some permitted items are small bag or single-compartment backpack, fanny pack, sunglasses, hats and caps, makeup, fully enclosed chewing gum box, New deodorant stick, towels and blankets for sitting on the grass, thermos without liquid, portable chargers, non-professional flash cameras, sunscreens, electronic cigarettes and prescription only drugs,

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