Saturday, November 26, 2022

Follow Twitter Mess Deadpool: Disasters Past, Present and Future

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since billionaireMuskCaptureTwitter(Twitter) After Twitter’s personnel and business strategy were blown up, sports stars and entertainment celebrities are also actively concerned about the chaos and uncertainty brought by Twitter’s new owner.

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Popular “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds said, “Twitter always has been, is and always will be a disaster.” His words undoubtedly echo the words of many, “But who knows? We’ll play it by ear, I mean, we’ll see how things go.”

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Launched in 2006, Twitter has provided a platform for celebrities to interact directly with their fans without going through the media. Also, it has increased the popularity of Twitter among the general public. Currently, Twitter has over 230 million users around the world.

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In late October, when Musk acquired Twitter for 44 billion yuan, doubts about the platform’s future emerged one after another. The issues of fraudulent accounts and misinformation have existed for a long time, but they have become more widespread recently.

“It’s scary right now,” said Tyrese Halliburton of the NBA‘s Indiana Pacers. He receives “most of his news” via Twitter, which he uses to connect with friends, interact with fans, and promote his company. He compared Twitter to Wikipedia today. , “You always have to check the facts, because they won’t always be right.”

NFL Washington Commander Charles Leno Jr. said, “If you want to speak up, there are other ways.”

Jenny Smith, founder of digital marketing company Guerrilla Marketing, explained that changes to Twitter’s verification process have caused problems for users in the entertainment industry. There are many musicians, actors and non-profit organizations who constantly face the problem of fake accounts.

Benito Pérez-Barbadillo is a publicist whose clients include tennis legendsNadal(Rafael Nadal), he said: “We have verified accounts, and if verified accounts are removed, we might consider not using Twitter.”


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