For Democratic women governors, Row Leaks changes the interim count

On both sides of the aisle, strategists often prefer to communicate to women about abortion.

Kelly Dietmer, a professor at the Rutgers University Center for American Women and Politics, said when she interviewed women in Congress, she found that both Republicans and Democrats saw themselves as the best messengers, seeing them as women and motherhood.

Republicans, in particular, sometimes find it more effective for women to confirm their opposition to abortion.

Women have had big successes for both parties in recent years: women Democratic candidates helped their party regain seats in the House in 2018, while Republican women suffered the most losses in 2020.

“In some ways, women are really good candidates so they are in the most competitive races, especially those in power,” Diet‌mar said of the 2022 governor race. “They’re there because they won games that people thought they could not win, like Kansas or Michigan.”

Male Republican candidates, especially those on the battlefield, are at higher risk when it comes to abortion.

Holly Richardson, a former Republican state spokeswoman for Utah, described herself as “pro-life” and a supporter of contraception and sex education, saying she disagreed with what Republicans in other states say about abortion. She was “a little shocked.”.

“We need to reduce the perceived need for abortion, and we do so by supporting women,” she said.

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