For many Pennsylvania voters, Trumpism is bigger than Trump

“I love what she represents,” Dolores, 83, told Morozins, who first met Ms. on the Christian television network. He saw Barnett’s performance and left immediately. Made a deep impression. “She’s serious and real.”

Years ago, Ms. Morozinski and her daughter, 62-year-old physical therapist Jenny Mirozinski, admired watching Dr. Oz on TV. Now, old Mrs. Morozinski says, “He does not look honest.”

“I do not even know if he’s really living in Pennsylvania,” she said. Mentioning the long history of Oz. “He looked more Hollywood than here. It didn’t impress me.”

Her daughter said, “She seemed to have had plastic surgery. David McCormick, a former hedge fund executive, also ran in the primary, on the other hand, she was no less. “I’m very proud of myself.”

In many ways, voting for a Senate seat is a battle over notions of authenticity, such as ideological or policy debate. Over the months, leading candidates have sought to stay in touch with Trump and increase his conservative credentials. In the heat of competition between the main contenders – Dr. Oz, Mrs. Barnett and Mr. McCormick – all three are struggling to establish themselves as true MAGA fighters.

Some voters have clearly decided what is right for them. But others are still making decisions.

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