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For the first time since the Lunar New Year, US Congressman Gallagher will lead a delegation to visit Taiwan on the 21st.

It is understood that Mike Gallagher, chairman of the Special Committee of the US House of Representatives on Strategic Competition between the United States and the Communist Party of China, will lead a delegation to visit Taiwan on the 21st and is expected to meet with the President-elect Is. ,lai qingdewith MLA Speakerhan guoyu,

Gallagher expressed his intention to visit Taiwan in Congress late last month, but a date has not been set. He said at the time that for committee members, the visit to Taiwan would be helpful in policy making.

This newspaper understands that Gallagher will lead six congressmen to visit Taiwan’s executive and legislative departments on the 21st. This is during Taiwan’s handover period, and Gallagher’s talks with newly elected President Lai Ching-te and Congress Chairman Han Kuo-yu will be highly anticipated. Of note, this will also be the first time that Hanguo-Yu has received a delegation from US congressmen since taking over as dean.

Gallagher’s office said it had no comment.

Gallagher has a clear reputation as pro-China. Since leading the Special Committee on Strategic Competition between the United States and the Communist Party of China, he has led the committee to escalate the conflict in the Taiwan Strait and let members of Congress understand its seriousness. He also made 10 recommendations on Taiwan policy, including rapid supply of military forces, sales projects, expansion of US-Taiwan joint training, establishment of a US joint planning team to integrate plans and operations, and a joint war effort by the US military. Includes establishment of command. centers in the Indo-Pacific region, etc., and include them in next year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), urging President Xi Jinping to ensure that the government implements it.

President of the Republic of China Tsai Ing-wen met the then Speaker of the House of Representatives in California, USA in April last year.mccarthy(Kevin McCarthy) Historic meeting, Gallagher stood with McCarthy.

Gallagher secretly visited Taiwan for four days in late February last year, meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen, Vice President Lai Ching-tey, Defense Minister Qiu Guozheng and intelligence chiefs and other top national security officials. He later referred to his conversation with Lai. Ching-te, who compared Gallagher to Gallagher: In a basketball head-to-head, the CCP can win, but against a US-led team, Beijing will not win.

Gallagher once intended to hold hearings in Taiwan to highlight the importance of the Taiwan Strait issue, but ultimately abandoned it because it did not conform to Congressional norms.

In addition, Gallagher announced on the 10th that he would not seek re-election as a member of Congress.



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