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Foreigners can enter the hall, but Chinese can’t? The Shaolin Temple Was Bombed “Treated Differently”

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Some netizens posted a video on the 10th saying,HenanSomewhere in the Shaolin Temple, the Songshan Mountain Sightseeing “allows foreign tourists to enter, but does not allow Chinese tourists to enter”, referring to suspicions that Chinese and foreign tourists are treated differently at the Shaolin Temple. suspected of doing. The video later caused controversy on the Internet, and netizens asked the relevant departments to intervene in the investigation. Shaolin Temple staff responded that at present, Shaolin Temple Sightseeing has not received any relevant notices.


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Nanchang Evening News reported that a tourist visited the Shaolin Temple sightseeing on the 10th and was told that he could not enter the main hall, but foreign tourists were coming to the hall, which surprised the tourist. , “What happened today? Why? Can foreigners go to the temple?” Enter, Chinese people can’t enter?” Netizens angrily heard the news: “I think it’s a bit high, why not let the Chinese in?”, “What’s this rule?” ? You still China are in”, “Shaolin Temple should be thoroughly investigated.”

More netizens broke the news that in April this year, there were “stars” who visited Shaolin Temple and turned tourists away.

The Global Times quoted a poster news report that Shaolin Temple staff responded on the 11th that at present, the Shaolin Temple scenic spot has not received any relevant notices that “foreigners can enter, Chinese cannot enter.” “.

It is worth noting that the official Shaolin TempleWeiboAccording to a news release on the 11th, on the morning of the 10th, “Si Henan” activity by SCO envoys entered Shaolin Temple. Envoys from different countries visited the buildings, inscriptions, murals and other historical and cultural relics, where Shaolin Temple frequented hospitalizations, and witnessed the amazing performance of Shaolin Kungfu.

According to a report by NetEase, discrimination against Chinese and foreign tourists at the Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan caused an uproar on the Internet. Netizens have accused Shaolin Temple of specializing in favor of foreigners and foreigners, and also asked the relevant departments to intervene and investigate and deal with it.

According to the report, through the official WeChat account of Shaolin Temple, it can be found that foreign affairs reception activities were held on that day in Shaolin Temple. In order to ensure the safety of foreign tourists, Shaolin Temple may actually exercise some control over Shaolin Temple, leading to the misconception that “foreign tourists can enter, but Chinese tourists cannot.” But it has not been confirmed.



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