Former DAS director failed to comply with JEP’s appointment and victims of his crimes

U.S.A.Former DAS director failed to comply with JEP's appointment...

Gen (R) Miguel Mazza Marquez. Photo: Mario Franco – Colprensa

inactive slave. former director of Miguel Mazza Marquez He did not participate in the submission of the voluntary version, which he has set before the Special Jurisdiction for Peace this Tuesday, 23 November, where he will discuss Case 06, which deals with the disappearance and victimization of members of the Patriotic Union. is related to.

This led JEP to order Impec’s director, General Mariano Botero; General Jorge Luis Vargas, Director of Police and Colonel Zaid Eduardo Pabon, Director of the Graduate School of the National Police, Mazza Markaz’ transfer to labor on Tuesday and her transfer next Thursday, November 25.

After a pause, the magistrate presiding over the edition, Gustavo Adolfo Salazar, He adjourned the session and warned that it was a breach of obligations that Maza Márquez had achieved with truthfulness.

“Non-observance of the conditional rule may open an incident of non-compliance and impose progressive consequences for the behavior of the party present”The magistrate said.

Miguel Mazza Marquez is being held at the Miguel Antonio Leras National Police Postgraduate School, where he is serving a sentence of murder for terroristic purposes for the murders of Luis Carlos Galán, Santiago Cuervo, and attempted murder in the case of Petro nel Angulo.

According to him, the 79-year-old former Director of Police did not appear due to alleged health reasons. The defense submitted a neurological examination detailing his alleged difficulties in conducting punctuation speeches.

After the hearing, Impec presented a report to Judge Salazar, revealing that three Draganiers arrived at the Police Higher Learning Center to take Mazza to JEP, but the former director of the DAS refused to leave and the National Police “He categorically denied his transfer.”

The transfer mission to JEP could not be completed (…) It should be noted that the officers in question were unable to enter the detention facilities as their entry was explicitly denied by the police.

JEP reminded the police that it is the duty of the officers to comply with the orders of the court, as the court had issued the transfer of the former police officer.

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“This Magistrate misses the obligation to comply with the judgments issued by a judicial authority such as this jurisdiction, in which non-compliance may lead to disciplinary and criminal liability”, Sentenced.

For its part, the prosecutor’s office regrets that the attitude of Lawyer Alfonso Hernandez made it clear that Mazza Markaz is violating the truthfulness of the victims.

…the truth is sacrificed, especially when the party that came to the fore made promises of contribution and on which there are hopes on the part of the victims who join us today

Victims rejected the attitude of Maza Márquez and the police and hoped that he would be able to contribute his truth, adding that he had “all the time” in the world to indicate that he was not going to appear. Were were

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