Former fighters are displaced by armed groups in a re-incorporation zone in Meta.

U.S.A.Former fighters are displaced by armed groups in a...


Rodrigo Londoo, president of the communes party, condemns that 106 families have been displaced Territorial Location for Training and Reassignment of Ureas Rondon Because of the acts of violence against him, the Meta department is located in the municipality of Playa Rica, near La Macarena.

,Armed groups have displaced 106 families, 64 children, 15 disabled people and 15 older adults from the Eurias Rondón Reincorporation Group. Humanitarian aid is vital to peace signers. His life is at grave risk”, condemned Londono.

ETCR target displacement
ETCR target displacement

The party is analyzing the situation presented by former fighters in the Llanos del Yari area, south of La Macarena, where the armed men were carrying out their productive and life projects.

The complaint has been filed after November 18, which has six trucks. national security unit In which the employees were also in the process of re-engagement. Apparently they were approached by armed men related to Residual Armed Group, Jorge Briseno Suarez Formation, in the Las Damas sector, who stripped him of his bulletproof vest and endowment weapon, and then proceeded to decimate four vehicles of two collective plans and two specified individual plans.

NS Commons Component of the National Reorganization Council Requested humanitarian assistance due to the critical situation in the area. He held a council with the leaders and announced that displaced people would be welcomed In the municipality of El Doncelo, Caqueta, Where they ask for guarantees and help.

ETCR target displacement
ETCR target displacement

,Imminent risk forces us to drop everything, the only thing we have done is follow what was signed, Thus the ETCR is: imprisonment, anxiety, fear; We demand a guarantee from the government, make us complete, that everything is paperwork and not paperwork”, said Ureas Rondon from Reincorporation Space, next to a photo of the abandoned space.

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This situation occurs when the signature of Colon Theater Peace Accord turns 5 On 24 November, an event to which UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will be invited is expected to raise complaints of non-compliance in implementation and lack of guarantees to former combatants.

Karen Andrea Florez, one of the leaders of ETCR Ureas Rondon He assured the Blue radio station that he had decided to leave the area because of the tangible threat and fear of new actions that could put his or his families’ lives at risk.

“The state has brought us to this point because of its incompetence. We hold the Colombian state responsible for what can happen to the families and signatories of these peace agreements,” the leader said, adding that they were there. 113 Giants.

According to special jurisdiction for peace Since the signing of the agreements, 296 killed by ex-combatants, 21 forcibly disappeared and 67 attempted murders, for which he ordered new safeguards for that population.

“The situation is very serious, To that extent, we cannot speak of any improvement in the situation here. More than 46 murders in 2021 is a very serious situation. The State Isn’t Compliant With Former Combatants”, said JEP magistrate, Gustavo Salazar.

This fact links the displacement of indigenous communities from the Llanos del Yari Yaguara II reservation, which are adjacent to Serrania del Chiribiquete National Park, in southern Colombia, who condemned the displacement of 53 members of their community for intimidation and intimidation by armed groups Who are present in this area since last September 21.

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