Former President Lenin Moreno will not return to Ecuador for now despite a resolution from Congress, which informs him

U.S.A.Former President Lenin Moreno will not return to Ecuador...

Former Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno, in a file photo. EFE / Jose Jacome

Former President of Ecuador lenin moreno It would not be included in the withdrawal request that the Ecuadorian Congress resolved. The former President informed of his departure and absence from the country. Faced with the legislator’s decision, Moreno has said that it It lacks legal backing.

In the 137-member house, with 100 votes in favour, Ecuador’s legislature approved a non-binding legislative proposal Requesting the immediate return of former President Lenin Moreno to the country. The leave of absence from the country authorized by the Ecuadorian National Assembly expired on 18 November., with which you should request an extension or refund. But there are no special rules for these cases.

The Corista legislative bloc requested the former president‘s return as he is under investigation before the General Prosecutor’s Office and the State Comptroller’s Office for the INA Papers case, a corruption conspiracy for which the former president is accused of having resources. tax havens. However, the same bench has not ruled on the judicial position the former President is going through. Rafael Correa, on which a prison order across the entire Ecuadorian region weighs.

Despite this, some representatives of the Corista bench He has said in interviews with local media that the president‘s immediate return has not been requested, but that he reports reasons for his absence abroad for longer than anticipated.However, the text of the resolution approved by the Assembly states that it “Provisions for the immediate return of former President of the Republic Lenin Moreno Garceso to Ecuador,

Moreno traveled to the United States with his wife Rocio González in August, three months after completing his four-year term. In a press conference, the former president said that he is doing so for personal and professional reasons. On 18 November, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Organization (OAS), Luis Almagro, announced on his Twitter account that Lenin Moreno would be the body’s commissioner for disability affairs. Almagro, the current Secretary General of the OAS, reported this after meeting with Moreno on the same day of the announcement.

This isn’t the first time Moreno has got a job at OAS, since She had a similar role as Special Envoy for the Disabled for the then UN Secretary General in 2013, Bun Ki Moon. He then went to Switzerland on a special commission from former President Rafael Correa during the government‘s tenure, after which he was vice-president.

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In his gratitude for the commission, Moreno, on his Twitter account, cited his experience in the Manuela Espejo Mission, a project to engage people with disabilities during the government of former President Korea, who was his vice president. Moreno was confined to a wheelchair due to a gunshot wound during the 1993 attacks in Quito, which affected his mobility.

In a letter addressed to the President of the National Assembly, Guadalupe Lori, the former president indicates that Their functions outside the country will be extended “for the period of the OAS assignment”, which aims to promote the implementation of the recognized and successful Manuela Espejo Mission in the member countries of the organization.

Furthermore, in his letter, Moreno pointed out that the resolution of the Assembly is not binding: “I receive with great surprise the proposal for a plenary session of the assembly, which lacks any legal system, in which they resolve to leave the country at the expiration of the term and request my immediate return” and highlighted that These types of resolutions “harm the management of legislative work without legal arguments.”

Lenin Moreno told the Ecuadorian National Assembly that he would be out of town for three months. The declaration was sent to the President of the National Assembly, Guadalupe Lori, and under the protection of Article 144 of the Constitution, which establishes that “the President of the Republic shall, during his mandate and in his functions for one year after , You must, prior to your departure, notify the National Assembly of the duration and reasons for your absence from the country”, which has been accomplished by the former President.

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