Thursday, December 1, 2022

Four people suspended at Hong Kong Tuen Mun Hospital after wrong body was burnt due to morgue oolong

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The morgue at Tuen Mun Hospital made a mistake the day before, leaving some family members with the wrong body and then “burning the wrong body”. Tuen Mun Hospital issued a press release last night saying that four of the morgue’s staff have been suspended, and that they have deeply apologized to their families and expressed their sincere sympathies.

hong kong01 reported that two people died last month, including an 83-year-old and an 84-year-old. One of the family members of the deceased was originally supposed to receive the body before yesterday morning, but it was suspected that there was an error.

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Tuen Mun Hospital later issued a statement saying it suspected the remains of two patients had been turned the day before yesterday afternoon, and that one of the remains was cremated when the incident was confirmed. According to morgue records, the family members of the two deceased patients went through the procedures to claim the remains at around the same time yesterday morning. One body was originally to be taken for cremation directly after the ceremony in the hospital’s farewell ceremonial room, and the other body was sent to the funeral home for the ceremony.

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