Fourth night of violence and vandalism in Netherlands: At least 21 arrested for protesting against COVID measures

U.S.A.Fourth night of violence and vandalism in Netherlands: At...

Hundreds of people gathered to protest against the 2G policy in Coolsingel, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Last night at least 21 people were arrested in different cities of the Netherlands for instigating riots, attacking police and destroying public furniture.On the first fourth day of violence and sabotage, arson and fireworks.

Several municipalities in the country announced municipal emergency orders last night, deploying police officers and closing off areas of cities most at risk of disturbances., given this possibility due to calls found in social networks.

TookOverijssel province police announced today that 13 people have been arrested for “various offences”, including fireworks in the Jowl., following the deployment of police in and around the city center aimed at providing “additional surveillance” at night.

The municipality had last night announced an emergency order “due to possible disturbances”, which also allowed police to search people living in the area affected by that order.

according to local media RTV EastSome 40 people eventually gathered in the center of Zwol to demonstrate, but were expelled by the police.

Several arrests in the fourth night of riots in the Netherlands
Several arrests in the fourth night of riots in the Netherlands

According to the municipality, eight other people were arrested in Rousendal in Brabant province on charges of setting a bus stop and playground on fire.

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and Apeldoorn, Dozens of youth gathered for the purpose of creating a nuisance and destroyed an intersection, set fire to several bushes, destroyed traffic signs and a bus stop, And they threw fireworks at officers, but it is not yet clear whether any arrests have been made.

Last Friday, an unauthorized protest in Rotterdam against plans to introduce a 2G system (in which unvaccinated people were excluded from Covid passes even if they tested negative) led to rioting groups and There were riots and clashes between the police, due to which officers were also shot. Warning shots.

About four people were shot that night, although police insist at all times that they are investigating whether those injuries were caused by shots from their agents.

Since then, groups in cities across the country have been mimicking the violence in Rotterdam and every night they have gathered in various municipalities with the intention of inciting vandalism and attacking police.

(with info from EFE)

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