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Fraud Expert: Don’t Pay Anyone With a Gift Card

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Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns people to be wary of ‘gift card payments’scamCase. Last year, the FTC said people lost $233 million in fraud, nearly three times as much from $125 million in 2020. According to the latest data from the Association for the Aged (AARP)voteAt least 33% of the public have encountered gift card fraud. Consumer experts say the easiest way to avoid fraud is to never pay anyone with a gift card.

According to a report by ABC Channel Seven in Chicago, some people were persuaded by scammers to allow the other party to gain remote control of their computers. and then provide the card number to return control of the computer to the victim. Fortunately, the man’s wife stopped him immediately. Although the gift card could not be returned to the merchant, it could at least be used on its own. As for the hacked computer, he had to find an expert to repair it.

According to an AARP survey, 73 million people have experienced gift card fraud recently. Cathy Stokes, director of AARP’s Fraud Prevention Programs, said that for the past three or four years, scammers have tricked people into using gift cards to pay off their fabricated debts or expenses.

Stokes said the scammer’s trick is to first create panic in the hearts of people, and then lose the ability to think logically. Another common scam is asking you to win the lottery, paying tax on a gift card, or pretending it’s your friend and asking you to buy gift cards to help them, Stokes said. Mostly because they want to help a friend and get fooled.

Another method of fraud is through text messages, such as a text message to your boss’s name, asking to buy a gift card or send money. Ways to prevent SMS scams include:

Since scammers can copy phone numbers and know the name of your boss or company, be aware of any unusual requests for text messages that you believe are from people you know.

If you suspect a scam, don’t reply to a direct text message, or the scammer will know that your phone number is valid. Better to block phone numbers and delete text messages.

Don’t believe messages from unwanted phone numbers. If your boss texts you frequently, store his contact numbercell phoneInside.

Call or email your boss directly to confirm whether he sends text messages.

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