Free People: There will be a 15% rebate in municipal taxes on vaccination with two doses

U.S.A.Free People: There will be a 15% rebate in...

Photo: Municipality of Andina / Pueblo Libre

In this regard, Monday 22, the municipality of Pueblo Libre will grant a 15% off on municipal taxes For neighbors who present their vaccination card against COVID-19 with two doses.

District Mayor Stephen Haas del Carpio indicated this is an added advantage to other cuts approved at a council session, where it was noted that it has been a difficult year for all as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

,It is an incentive for those who do not want to get vaccinated due to various reasonsDo it to save your life. With the waiver, we hope to persuade them to get vaccinated and thus avoid the dreaded third wave.”, he expressed.

He said that about 90,000 doses have been administered against the coronavirus in Pueblo Libre. “About 45,000 neighbors have two doses against this disease. They are older adults who were vaccinated at our headquarters on the ‘Torre Tagle’ campus. We were the first district to implement its vaccination centre.”,

He said that, although the relaxation will reduce the expected collection, it is a measure that will allow greater economic movement in the district and in passing we support the fight against COVID 19.

The exemption envisages 60% year-on-year municipal taxes, as well as 100% waiver of default interest, readjustments, procedural costs and tax penalties.

Payment can also be done online, bank and app, And if a neighbor cannot walk because of age or illness, the municipality mobilizes a team for them. addresses for collection. “You just have to call 960152293”Informed the mayor.

Meditation! From December 15, only vaccines will be available in closed places.

By December 15, only people over the age of 18 who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus with two doses, will be able to enter closed spaces, as provided by the government.

Supreme Decree No. 168-2021-PCM, which updates the measures for social coexistence amid the COVID-19 pandemic, details that “people over the age of 18 who wish to enter closed spaces. They have to present their physical or virtual card proving that they have completed their vaccination Against Covid-19.

This The provision shall govern for the whole country, In four levels of alerts against the pandemic. It should be noted that all the provinces of the country – except Viru, Huaura, Marichal Nieto, Moropone, Sulana, Moyobamba and Chincha – are on a moderate alert level.

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The same norms remind the population that protocols for the prevention of infection of COVID-19 should be maintained, such as the use of masks permanently, as per the conditions specified in paragraph 8.4 of the same criteria.

In the said issue it is shown that The use of KN95 masks is mandatory, or, failing which, a triple surgical mask and above it a community mask (cloth) to be circulated on public roads and in closed places, or in places where physical or physical distancing cannot be maintained.

People will be allowed to remove the mask only when they are in a restaurant or similar and only while eating.

vaccination carrier

It is important to note that the same rule stipulates that by December 15, drivers and collectors of all public transport services, as well as the drivers who provide the services of Delivery can only operate after they have deposited their full dose Vaccination.

It also establishes that companies with more than ten (10) workers will only be able to operate if all of their employees have certified their full dose of vaccination. This provision is effective from December 15, 2021.

new capacity

Supreme Decree No. 168-2021-PCM stipulated that as of tomorrow various closed positions will increase their capacity by up to 80%. Here is the list:

Shopping Malls, Shopping Malls, Department Stores, General Stores and Groups: 80% (before 40%)

Stores, supermarkets, markets, warehouses and pharmacies supplying basic necessities: 80% (before 50%)

Restaurants and related, with a total customer service area (lounge, bar and waiting room) of less than 200 square meters in internal areas: 80% (before 50%)

Cinema and the Performing Arts: 80% (before 40%)

Banks and other financial institutions: 80% (before 60%)

Temples and places of worship: 80% (before 40%)

Libraries, museums, cultural centers and art galleries: 80% (before 50%)

Activities of Sports Clubs and Associations (Sports with Contact): 80% (before 50%)

Activities of Sports Clubs and Associations (Non-Contact Sports): 80% (before 50%)

Vocational and Vocational Programs: 80% (before 50%)

(with information from Agencia Andina)

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