French West Indies rebelled against poverty and sanitation restrictions

WorldFrench West Indies rebelled against poverty and sanitation restrictions

  • Strike against mandatory vaccination of firefighters and nurses sparks riots in Guadeloupe

  • Another paradise island in the Caribbean, Martinique also ignites the flame of protest

A stone in the shoe from the other side of the Atlantic. As the COVID-19 situation worsens France -Around 30,000 cases were registered on this Tuesday – President‘s Executive Emmanuel Macron Faces another front: The Uprising on the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, Trade union movement against for a week compulsory vaccination because of the nurses and firefighters a social rebellion In two islands of the Caribbean. A general strike began in Martinique on Monday

The Paris government has resolved to give a strong answer to this challenge. “The law of the Republic shall apply to the obligation to vaccinate nurses and firefighters”, said this Tuesday Minister of Overseas Affairs, Sebastian Lecornus, in public series of statements France 2, “It will be condemnable if we stop implementing the law,” he said. In this way, Lecornu rejected one of the main demands of the collective. Trade unions, mostly on the left and related to the liberation movement from colonialism, which promoted social mobilization in Guadalupe. “The only thing that can represent progress for us will be an end to compulsory vaccination,” warned Patricia Pioche, deputy secretary of the Guadeloupe Workers’ General Union. The rebellion on this island paradise began with a call general strike a until 15 November, Calling against mandatory vaccination of nurses and firefighters – 87% of these health workers and 43% of firefighters on the island are immunised – the mobilization began with demonstrations and roadblocks. But these traditional forms of protest gave rise to other rebellions. the island was full burnt barricadesransacking shops, Fire in at least four buildings From the center of Pointe-ए-Pitre (the most populous city on the island) and a tough fight with the police, whose vehicles were shot down. even The protesters confiscated weapons of war In a local customs services.

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40 years delay

This protest movement is “not only due to compulsory vaccination”, but also to a “40-year delay in terms of economic and social development”, warned Arya Chalas, president of the Guadeloupe Regional Council, a leader of the centre. Close to President Macron’s party. As protests intensified, the initial motive for vaccination was overtaken by deep unrest in one of France‘s poorest regions. A third of the island’s 400,000 inhabitants live below the poverty line, compared to 14% in metropolitan France. Their unemployment level is 19% and 55% for young people.

Despite the apparent social dimension of the rebellion, the Macronist executive is determined to crush it with an iron fist. The prefect (the equivalent of a government representative) last week instituted a night curfew, which began at 6 p.m. Some 50 officers from the Gendarmerie’s special units were deployed as reinforcements. They arrested about a hundred protesters. “The state‘s response is perseverance,” Interior Minister Gerald Darmine defended Tuesday. “We absolutely cannot succumb to some lies and manipulation in this situation,” Macron said a day earlier.

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air of distrust

However, protests in Guadeloupe are almost again on the neighboring island of Martinique. A general strike began there this Monday, fueled by 17 unions that call for an end to mandatory vaccinations for health workers, but also Increase in wages and social benefits and reduction in the price of petrol and gas. Protesters blocked main roads and opened fire on fire engines and security forces. The rebellion spread through the French islands in the Antilles, fueled by an air of distrust of the sanitary restrictions adopted from Paris and the social abandonment of these regions.

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