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From 100 Days After Inauguration, Yin Ziyu “Leaded” Moon Jae-in in Number of North Korea’s Missile Tests

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South Korea’s President Yoon Seok-weh is in office for 100 days on the 17th.North KoreaFire two cruise missiles.


Earlier, Yin Xiu had taken a bold idea in his Easter Day congratulatory message on August 15, stating that if North Korea achieves denuclearization, it will provide massive support, but North Korea has rejected Yin. Xiyu responded by launching missiles only two days later. given the above statement.

This is the fourth missile launch by North Korea since the establishment of the Yun Sok-wook government. Launching cruise missiles is distinct from ballistic missiles and does not violateUnited NationsSecurity Council resolutions, but cruise missiles have sophisticated attack capabilities and are therefore a serious threat.

Dong-e Ilbo compared Eun Sok-wook with its predecessor.moon jae-inThe Hundred Days of Inauguration, North Korea’s Projectile Position. Within 100 days of Yin Ziyu’s inauguration, North Korea fired a total of 16 missiles four times, more than three times the 100-day inauguration of Moon Jae-in; When the latter took over for 100 days, North Korea tested five missiles. gross.

Since 2020, North Korea has tested cruise missiles 10 times.



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