From Atlixco’s Illuminated Villa to Christmas in Guanajuato: Three Magical Places to Visit

U.S.A.From Atlixco's Illuminated Villa to Christmas in Guanajuato: Three...

Illuminated Villa Atlixco. (Photo: villailuminada.com.mx)

The magic of Christmas reached certain corners of the country with its majestic illuminated villas, setting up a show of light and colour, which would elevate all the senses. Below we’ll explain where these great sites are located.

Atlixco Puebla. illuminated villa of

It is undoubtedly one of the most visited places in the country, as its spectacular display has already become a tradition among locals and tourists. And that since 2011, giant Christmas figures and infinity lights have been placed in the setting. Atlixco, Magic Town Located in the state of Puebla, the Christmas show has already started and will last for at least 40 days.

A curious fact is that all the figures Enlightened Villa And the tunnels are built and designed by Mexican hands based on LED technology.

The magic begins in the Zocalo and opens several kilometers of walking trails, interspersed with amazing figures of lights such as reindeer, bears and Christmas trees. You will be able to write best during the tour Wishes in the tree of desires, Go through a rotating tunnel that will blow your mind or jump from the train to the village.

Illuminated Villa Atlixco
Illuminated Villa Atlixco

You can also taste it to counter the cold delicious chocolate Enjoy the world of the same name or a comic pastor.

NS Show tickets can be booked online or at the box office and they go from there 150 pesos to 600 pesos, This will depend on the schedules offered by each ticket and the timings between 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm.

Atlixco is located on the slopes of the Popocatépetl volcano, its Aztec name meaning “water in the valley or on the surface of the land.”

Guanajuato Christmas Village

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Another great place to enjoy during this holiday Village which will be placed in Guanajuato Bicentennial Park, A novelty of this state that will illuminate the area with more than a thousand multicolored lights.

The wise, the trees and the deer will also shine in this city and it will be available from today till the next time. 9 January.

During your stay, you can shop for handicrafts or accessories for the holidays.

Guanajuato Bicentennial Park.  Facebook
Guanajuato Bicentennial Park. Facebook

The Bicentennial Park also houses the Jurassic Zone with special exhibits of fossils and dinosaurs.

Guanajuato Park will receive walkers Monday through Sunday from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm and for a cost of 115 pesos.

Querétaro. Villas in

This institution will be illuminated by the inauguration of the Park of Lights, which will be set up in Finca Ancestors, Prolongacione Constituents is located in the Oriente, in the community of Saldariaga.

In Querétaro you will be able to appreciate the light show from the balloon ride.  (Photo: EFE/FILE)
In Querétaro you will be able to appreciate the light show from the balloon ride. (Photo: EFE/FILE)

From November 22 to January 9, 2022, more than 100,000 lights and Christmas villas with spectacular figures will make visitors fall in love.

In addition to walking, Finca Ancestors Offers an adventurous hot air balloon ride on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the light from 15 meters above sea level. The cost of this experience is 130 pesos for children and 250 for adults.

You will also have the opportunity to taste the best of the cuisine in the market area or visit the commercial stalls.

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