Fully Support JKW-PWI, Ministry of Youth and Sports Reminds to Maintain Body Fitness

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JAKARTA – Ahead of the commemoration of the Youth Pledge Day, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenpora) fully supports the entire implementation of the National Journalist Tour – the Indonesian Journalists Association (JKW-PWI) which will be released on October 28, 2021. The plan is that this activity will run until February 9, 2022 to coincide with National Press Day (HPN).

The Ministry of Youth and Sports through the Deputy for Sport Cultivation (Deputy 3) manifested its support through the signing of the MoU. The signing was carried out by the Assistant Deputy for Recreational Sports Management, Maifrizon and the General Chair PRICE Pusat Atal S. Depari and also known by the Deputy for Sport Culture Raden Isnanta. The signing of the MoU took place in the Deputy 3 room, PPTIKON Building, Kemenpora.

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The JKW-PWI team who were present at the signing were Dar Edi Yoga, Herwan Pebriansyah and Nonnie Rering. Deputy 3 officials who were also present were the Head of Subur Sports Public Space Development, frindiyadi and Plt. Head of Studio Development and Fitness Center at the Assistant Deputy for Management of Cucu Sundara Recreational Sports.

Raden Isnanta advised the entire JKW-PWI team who will travel directly in this case to focus on female journalists, Yanni Krishnayanni and several male supporting journalists, in order to be able to maintain physical fitness during the trip. One of them is by continuing to do regular exercise to train physically so that you are able to travel with a motorized vehicle even better.

“More importantly, my special message is that you can campaign on your journey through messages to the public how important it is to maintain a healthy body, a culture of healthy living and an active spirit through a program that you will run soon,” said Raden Isnanta.

“It is also the case with tourism, how can you show the people of Indonesia that Indonesia is so beautiful through the writings that you will compile in each of your adventure trips. I pray that the JKW-PWI team will always be healthy on the way, enthusiastic until they return properly and carefully. Don’t stress along the way but focus,” said Raden Isnanta.

Isnanta’s messages were received by the JKW-PWI team with pleasure and were immediately welcomed by Atal S Depari with thanks to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, specifically Deputy 3 who has fully supported motorized activities while navigating the islands and mountains in Indonesia.

“Thank you for the attention of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, I hope we are all healthy and will always support each other and be successful in this activity,” said Atal, who hoped that the JKW-PWI team could achieve a MURI record through their activities.


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