Fungal Infection: Target of new fungal infection in Delhi .. Doctor alert due to death of two! , New fungal infection cases in Delhi AIIMS worrying doctors, 2 people lost their lives due to Aspergillus lentulus

HealthFungal Infection: Target of new fungal infection in Delhi...


Fungal infection: A new species of fungus has been identified at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi. AIIMS doctors were also surprised to find Aspergillus lentulus fungus for the first time in the country. This fungus completely neutralizes the effect of the medicine. Recently, two patients suffering from it died in Delhi AIIMS. Two patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have been admitted to the hospital. It is a lung disease in which the flow of air entering the body is reduced and breathing becomes difficult. After the onset of the disease, the likelihood of death of the patient increases significantly.

The first case was in 2005

The first case of Aspergillus lentilus in the world was reported in 2005. After this, doctors of many countries confirmed its presence in their patients. According to a report published in the Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology (IJMM), a patient who died in Delhi AIIMS was 50 years old. Also someone else is 40 years old.

Death after one month of treatment..

When the infection did not subside, the first patient was referred to AIIMS by a private hospital. At AIIMS, he was given antifungal drug amphotericin B, an oral voriconazole. He was treated for a month but his condition did not improve.

death after multiple organ failure

The second patient was admitted to the emergency ward of AIIMS with high fever, sputum and shortness of breath. The second patient was treated with amphotericin B antifungal medication as well as the first patient. One week after treatment, the patient died of multi-organ failure. Subsequently, physicians from the AIMS Department of Microbiology and Pulmonology published their research in the IJMM General.

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Why are corona patients more vulnerable to the fungus?

Many patients recovering from COVID-19 infection develop fungal infections. It mostly affects people who already have the disease or if they take such medicines, it can lower the body’s immunity or reduce the body’s ability to fight against other diseases. It can happen in any part of the body.

What is the effect on the body?

Most of the fungi in the environment reach our body through respiration. If there is any injury in the body or if the body is burnt somewhere, then the infection can spread from there also. Human life is also destroyed if it is not detected in the early stages.

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