Funny! WSBK racers in the rain at the Mandalika Circuit

SportsFunny! WSBK racers in the rain at the...

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MANDALIKA – Various ways to do to fill spare time. The French racer, Jules Cluzel, chose to rain while waiting for the decision on the fate of the race in Mandalika Circuit which was raining heavily.

As we know, heavy rain poured down on the Mandalika Circuit ahead of Race 1 WSBK Indonesia 2021, Saturday (20/11/2021) afternoon. Unfavorable weather forced the event to be postponed until Sunday (11/21/2021).

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This makes some drivers wait in the midst of uncertainty. Unexpectedly, WorldSSP rider from the Yamaha team, Jules Cluzel, actually came out of the paddock shirtless to enjoy the rain like a child.

The action not only attracted the attention of a number of journalists and the competition committee at the Mandalika Circuit. Fellow racer, Toprak Razgatlioglu, even approached Jules Cluzel to splash a bottle of mineral water.

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The moment caused a stir on social media. Not a few Indonesian netizens commented while joking, saying Jules Cluzel’s actions could bring about various diseases such as colds and colds.

“And reportedly the racer is being scraped,” wrote the owner of the Instagram account @hciim, Saturday (20/11/2021).

The action of taking a rain shower at the Mandalika Circuit was not only done by Jules Cluzel. From the World SBK Twitter post, Dominique Aegerter from Ten Kate Racing Yamaha was also shirtless while enjoying the splash of water.

“When life gives you rain, shower, bathe. Isn’t that right Dominique Aegerter?” wrote @WorldSBK.


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