Home World News Gallagher invited Tsai Ing-wen to try her hand at American politics after leaving office and laughed and said “Okay”.

Gallagher invited Tsai Ing-wen to try her hand at American politics after leaving office and laughed and said “Okay”.

Gallagher invited Tsai Ing-wen to try her hand at American politics after leaving office and laughed and said “Okay”.

US House of Representatives “United States and ChinaCommunist PartyGallagher, chairman of the Special Committee on Strategic Competition, led a delegation to visit Taiwan and was received by President Tsai Ing-wen on the 22nd. Gallagher emphasized that US-Taiwan relations have become increasingly stronger and stronger. He also said that President Tsai is about to step down and he is welcome to try his hand in American politics. President Tsai laughed and said “Okay”.

Gallagher first thanked President Tsai for her warm welcome and continued friendship. He also thanked President Tsai for taking the time to read the reports produced by the Committee and expressed hope that her colleagues in Congress would also read these reports. He also said this in the Reagan speech last AprilLibraryThe meeting with President Tsai was the first time the committee had held a large-scale event with Taiwan. This was very important and also very important to then Speaker McCarthy.

Gallagher said that he had caught a cold in California at the time and was very nervous that it would ruin the show he was trying to prepare for, but he still tried his best to perform and was happy. That the program was successful.

Gallagher said it is a cross-party delegation with members from both the Democratic and Republican parties. It seeks to show the United States’ cross-party support for Taiwan. He also thanks President Tsai for her long-term leadership. Relations between the United States and Taiwan have become stronger and rock solid.

Gallagher said that during the flight to Taiwan, he thought it was very rare for a government of the same party to be re-elected. The last time this happened in the United States, it involved former President Reagan and later Bush. Taiwan. This is unprecedented, and it also proves that people are aware of President Tsai’s leadership and vision.

Gallagher also said the committee was reminded of President Reagan’s words during an event at the Reagan Library last year, “Freedom will prevail, but only if someone stands up to defend our freedom.” For this reason, he thanks you very much. So much for the leadership shown by President Tsai, not just in Taiwan but throughout the free world. Now when freedom is under attack all over the world and is being attacked by authoritarian systems, we must remain alert at all times to provide the cherished freedom to the youth of the next generation.

Gallagher also said that he knew President Tsai was going to step down, but if President Tsai was interested, Wisconsin would very much welcome President Tsai to try his hand in American politics, even though President Tsai was already in high school. Were at level. President Tsai laughed and said “Okay”.

Krishnamurthy, a key member of the committee, said in his speech that this is the first time that a delegation has been organized by the Special Committee on Strategic Competition between the United States and the Communist Party of China. It also reaffirms the partnership between Taiwan and the Communist Party of China. The United States is very strong and is the key to the sustainable development of Taiwan-US relations.He also said that this time he and Gallagher will neverchicagoDirect flights to Taiwan. Chicago has direct flights to Taipei every day. It may also show how close Taiwan and the United States are. This is the longest flight from Chicago to the other side of the world. However, his staff said, “Sometimes it takes too long.” “It takes time to meet your best friends.”

Krishnamurthy said there are two important aspects to Taiwan-US relations. First, Taiwan’s democracy is vibrant and a model for the world. More than half of the people voted this year, showing the world how successful elections are. The second is Taiwan’s economy. Taiwan is one of the world’s largest economies and one of the top ten trading partners of the United States. Taiwan is the second largest exporter of corn and the third largest exporter of soybeans in Illinois. I hope Taiwan can continue such strong trade relations with the US state of Illinois. This year is the year of the dragon. The Year of the Dragon symbolizes energy and courage. President Tsai can also be called the symbol of the Dragon Year. President Tsai and Taiwan are the hope of the world and hope that independence will ultimately prevail.



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