Gallardo, a myth: he was one step away from being River Plate’s most winners in historic tally of titles

U.S.A.Gallardo, a myth: he was one step away from...

Marcelo Gallardo wins his 13th title as River Plate coach

Since June 6, 2014, the day he was publicly presented as Rivers’ new technical director, Marcelo Gallardo He made clear his hunger for glory and the ambitious project of capturing his beloved club. “The river comes from achieving something very important and we have to double the bet. We have to go further. return to those first places”, the coach announced at the time.

And he did more than fulfill his promises Doll. From that moment he made a true revolution and the club never ceases to expand its repertoire. The last piece to get involved was one of his few pending topics: local tournaments. After the classic with racing, the people of Nez took the professional league to a . celebrated with to commemorate Full of fans.

Thanks to this new star, The Merlo native won a total of 13 trophies with Diver as coach: three Argentine Cups, two Argentine Super Cups (in the first they defeated their classic rival in Mendoza), two Libertadores Cups (in both they finished) zenise), one South American Cup (this also omitted those from La Ribera), three South American Recopas, one Suruga Bank and the Professional League.

With this new victory, Gallardo continues his shocking record of being the most winning coach in Rivers history, He is now four times ahead of his most immediate follower, Ramon Diaz. Jose Minella (8), ngel Labruna (6), Renato Cesarini (6) and Americano Hirschi (6) appear to be a step behind. If these titles are disbanded, DT holds 6 at the local level and 7 at the international level.

But two new brands are now on the horizon. Napoleon (nicknamed because of the “battles” he won and because its strategies go beyond a game or analysis he might do on an opponent on duty) It will try to crush: Become the most winning person in the history of River Plate and the title of most winning Argentina coach (counting the most important leagues on the planet from the professional era and national teams).

Throughout his life, Nez’s unit won 68 titles (50 at the local level and 18 at the international level) and Marcelo Gallardo was present in 21 of them.Since the 13 spelled as DT would have added eight to a footballer: four Apertura tournaments, two Clausura tournaments, one Copa Libertadores and one South American Super Cup. Therefore, He ngel Labruna. was the only one to reach, who leads this coveted table with a total of 22 stars (16 as a player and 6 as a coach).

It is also worth highlighting the presence of Leonardo Ponzio, with 16 titles (all as a player), Ramon Diaz (5 as a player and 9 as a coach) and José María Minella (all as a player). 6 as a coach and 8 as a coach. Both with a total of 14.

With regard to the bid to become the Argentine strategist with the most titles, Nearest Technical Director of Doll They are two icons like Helenio Herrera and Carlos Bianchi.

He has a total of 16 titles in the past, which he won with Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Inter and Roma. In addition to winning two European Cups, two Intercontinental Cups and three Serie A nerozuroHis records include four Spanish leagues, one Eva Duarte Cup, two Spain Cups, one Italian Cup and one Fair Cup.

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viceroy, one of the greatest sculptures of zenise, has a total of 15 crowns, which he received along with Velez and Boca. Its four Liberators and its three Intercontinental stands out. The rest of his awards are seven local titles and one Inter-American.

With the receipt of this professional league against racing, Doll He reached 14 (we must also add a title in his time in the Nacional de Uruguay). Prior to this, he had already surpassed 11 crowns owned by Alfio Coco Basil (two First Division tournaments, one South American Super Cup, one CONCACAF Giants Cup, two South American Recopa, one South American Cup, two America‘s Cup, a Confederations Cup and an Armatio Cup Franchi).

More River winners:

River Plate's Top Winners
River Plate’s Top Winners

• Angel Labruna 22 (16 as a player and 6) as a coach

• Marcelo Gallardo 21 (13 as coach and 8 as coach)

• Leonardo Ponzio 16 (all as a player)

• Ricardo Vaghi 16 (all as a player)

• Ramon Diaz 14 (5 as Player and 9 as Coach)

• Jose María Minella 14 (6 as Player and 8 as Coach)

• Adolfo Pedernera 14 (all as a player)

• Jose Manuel Moreno 14 (all as a player)

• Sebastian Cirney: 14 titles (all as a player)

• Aristobulo Dembrosi: 14 titles (all as a player)

• Bruno Rodolfi: 14 titles (all as a player)

• Felix Lostau: 14 titles (all as a player)

• Jonathan Grounds: 13 titles (all as a player)

Argentina coach with more titles

• 16-Helenio Herrera: 3 with Atletico Madrid, 5 with Barcelona, ​​7 with Inter and 1 with Roma

• 15-Carlos Bianchi: 6 with Velez and 9 with Boca

, 14-Marcelo Gallardo: 1 along the Nacional de Uruguay and 13 along the river

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