Gender Violence: Feminicide down by 14.8%, but rape by 28.2%

U.S.A.Gender Violence: Feminicide down by 14.8%, but rape by...

The murder of women in Mexico was reduced; However, rapes increased (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

establishment Peace Building Tables State and regional as part of the federal government‘s strategy to guarantee civil defense and joint work between different levels of government Started showing results in both pros and cons,

This is because during the morning conference on Monday 22 November, Rosa Isella Rodriguezhandjob holder Security and Civil Defense Secretariat (SSPC), uncovered more than 10 crimes, with incidents increasing as well as decreased incidences.

“As we do every month without fail, we will report the results that were achieved by coordinated work in which all security institutions of the Government of Mexico and the governments of federal entities and municipalities participate through Peace Tables. and regional and state security by October “

The Secretary of Security presented the progress on civil defense and peace building in the morning (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
The Secretary of Security presented progress in the morning on civil defense and peacebuilding (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

With regard to gender violence, one of the points highlighted by the Secretary of Security was that the crime of Female murders decreased by 14.8% In October, if compared to the same period last year, he also pointed out that it was the month with the lowest incidence of this crime so far in this six-year period.

However, according to the same data as yours, 28.2 percent increase in rape crimes, It should be noted that according to Mexico’s office United Nations ,him-her-it, Rape victims, about 90%, are usually women,

“National Level” 19.2 million women subjected For threats, harassment, harassment or sexual abuse of any kind at any point in your life. For every nine sex crimes committed against women, there is one sex crime against men. The organization reported in November 2019,

on his own strength, Mexico evaluates It is estimated that 98.6% of cases in 2020 sexual violence They were not reported, which could indicate the existence of a difference between the official and actual numbers regarding the practice of this crime.

Women are 90% more vulnerable to the crime of rape than men (Photo: Cuartoscoro)
Women are 90% more vulnerable to the crime of rape than men (Photo: Cuartoscoro)

“data from National Survey of Urban Public Safety ,ENSU), in its December 2020 edition, between July and December 2020, 98.6% of cases of sexual violence perpetrated by women over the age of 18 were not reported or an investigation was initiated”, published this year “A center of thought and analysis that focuses on the evaluation and monitoring of government operations”,

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Putting these figures together may help to understand the context of violence faced by women in Mexico, as while there has been a significant reduction in the murder of women, rapeof which women usually suffer more than men, increased more,

According to federal criminal code ,CPF), the offense of femicide It is typed when the murder of a woman meets at least one of the following seven characteristics:

1.- Victim. shows symptoms of sexual violence of any type;

2.- Victim has been tortured injury or deformity notorious or abusive before or after deprivation of life or acts of necrophilia;

The killing of women showed a declining trend compared to October 2020 (Photo: Cuartocuro)
The killing of women showed a declining trend compared to October 2020 (Photo: Cuartocuro)

3.- Has any history or data of violence in the area Familiar, Hard work hey School, of the subject active against the victim;

4.- between the property and the victim a emotional connection, affectionate or trustworthy;

5.- There are data that establish that there was Threat relating to the criminal act, harassment or injuries of the active subject against the victim;

6.- Has been victimized no contact, whatever the time before the absence of life;

7.- The victim’s body is uncovered or displayed in a public place,

Finally, during his participation in the morning, Rodriguez Velazquez noted a reduction in other offences, such as Financial, financial and patriarchal,

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