Georgia. – Representatives of the Government Georgian Dream Study are transferred after Saakashvili fainted

U.S.A.Georgia. - Representatives of the Government Georgian Dream Study...

The former president is in the intensive care unit of a prison hospital

Madrid, 19 (Europa Press)

Several representatives of the ruling Georgian Dream Party are studying the possibility of transferring former president Mikhail Saakashvili, on a hunger strike for weeks, to a civilian hospital after he fainted and lost consciousness during his imprisonment at the Gladani prison clinic .

The deputies in question, who have leaned in favor of his transfer as Saakashvili, now in the intensive care unit, had so far refused to transfer him for fear that his supporters would cause disturbances during the procedure.

According to information from the civil news portal, the deputy speaker of parliament, Davit Sergeenko, has indicated that the chamber is waiting to receive a series of medical reports from the doctors who treated Saakashvili. After deliberation, the possibility of shifting it, if possible, will certainly be studied.

The former president lost consciousness on Thursday and has since been admitted to intensive care, as confirmed by doctors who assure he is out of danger.

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US asks government to treat it with “dignity”

US State Department spokesman, Ned Price, has urged the government to treat him with “fairness and dignity,” in addition to following the ombudsman’s recommendations, which politicians, who also hold nationalities, receive. should do. ,

In a statement, Price in turn urged prison authorities to facilitate Saakashvili’s transfer so that he could attend court hearings against him in accordance with international law.

As such, he has insisted that the former Georgia president has the right to a “fair trial, including the opportunity to attend court hearings in person,” something he has been denied three times. “We have been closely following the treatment given to Saakashvili since he was arrested on October 1st,” he recalled.

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