Germany agrees to ban non-vaccination

WorldGermany agrees to ban non-vaccination

  • New highs have been registered in the cases and cases of corona virus in the country for the second consecutive day.

The presidents of German states agreed with the central government on Thursday to ban public life for those who have not been vaccinated for COVID-19.

Sources present at the meeting of German officials, quoted by the DPA news agency, have confirmed that facilities focused on leisure, culture or sport, will be available only to people with a full vaccination program or who have recovered from the coronavirus.

The restrictions will take effect when the hospitalization rate due to illness reaches number 3. That is, three people hospitalized for a reason related to Kovid-19 per 100,000 people in the past week. If the rate remains below 3 in five days, restrictions will be eased. Children under the age of 18 – the vast majority of those not vaccinated in Germany – are exempt from complying with the limits.

negative PCR

On the other hand, if the rate number is greater than 6, those with a complete vaccination plan or who have been cured of coronavirus will have to submit a negative diagnostic test for the disease in order to access public facilities.

The restrictions come after German authorities this Thursday reported more than 65,000 new cases of the coronavirus counted in the last day, while the accumulated weekly incidence amounted to 336.9 cases per 100,000 residents, which means that for a second in these indicators Registration of new highs consecutive days.

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The Robert Koch Institute, the government body in charge of infectious disease control, indicated on its website that there were 65,371 infections and 264 deaths during the past 24 hours, taking the total to 5,195,321 and 98,538, respectively.

“dramatic” situation

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Thus, the country has set a new record of daily positivity for COVID-19 as the number of daily fatalities has come down compared to the day it crossed 52,800 declared on Wednesday. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called the pandemic situation in the country “dramatic”. In a meeting with regional heads of government, the president insisted it was an “emergency” and warned that vaccination rates were not high enough to prevent a fourth wave of infections.

According to meeting participants, quoted by the DPA, Merkel has indicated that the aim is to introduce 27 million vaccines as quickly as possible. Of the more than 83 million people in Germany, 4.8 million people have received a booster dose so far.

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