“Get Back,” the Incredible Documentary That Dispels and Confirms Some of the Beatles’ Famous Myths

U.S.A."Get Back," the Incredible Documentary That Dispels and Confirms...

For 50 years, history said that recording sessions “Let it be” NS The Beatles It was a miserable experience, with the band members getting fed up with each other and their work and in the process of breaking up. A documentary of about 8 hours produced by Peter Jackson, made up with discarded films and recordings from those sessions, instead reveal a self-conscious band. The rare relationship and work ethic who still knew how to have fun, although it was in the process of breaking up.

,Move backwill be broadcast as a three-part series Disney+ until Thursday, thanksgiving day Feather America,

a . Produced by beatlemaniac for another beatlemaniacsIt can be an exhausting experience for those who are not in that club. But the club is huge. beyond the delight it provides to the fans,”Move back“Have a look The creative process of a band that remains popular half a century after it ceased to exist,

The Beatles in Peter Jackson’s documentary “Get Back”. In the image you can see (left to right) Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon and George Harrison (Dsiney+)

jackson, winning director Oscar From “Lord of the Rings“(“The Lord of the Rings”), was discussing another project of The Beatles When he asked what happened to all the rejected scenes in the 1970 film “Let it be“from the director” Michael Lindsay-Hogg,

Nearly 60 hours of film were shot over three weeks, which had never been seen before, and the band was contemplating what to do with them. Jackson took that material as well as 150 hours of audio recordings and spent four years creating a story.,

He turned to her fearing that it might be a frustrating task.

a film by Lindsay-Hogg supposed to be a chronicle of the band’s disappearance – erroneously, so to say jackson– Because it was released shortly after the breakup was announced. Some The Beatles He reinforced this idea by making negative comments about the experience; He had given himself little time to write and record new material in preparation for live shows, with cameras following everything.

,I just expected everything to be bad“, said jackson, ,I waited for the discussion to begin. I waited for the struggle to begin. I was waiting to realize that they hate each other. I waited for all the things I read in books and it never showed,

Oh, there’s a struggle. The story draws on the happy moments revealed in the dropped shots, such as John Lennon Singing “both of us” As if Bob Dylan, or that and Paul mccartney Challenging each other to sing without moving their lips. jackson Restores balance.

,the connection was amazing“Drummer Remembered” Ringo Starr in a recent interview via zoom, ,I am an only child, (but) I had three siblings and we take care of each other. We had some fights, it’s natural. But musically every time we count ‘one, two, three, four’, we want to be our best.,

jackson Follows the sessions day after day as they began on a cautious film set that was eventually abandoned in favor of their famed recording studio London, until the brief presentation on the roof, last time The Beatles They played in public.

Beatles Get Back Trailer
The Beatles are in the process of making their album “Let It Be”. Peter Jackson’s documentary “Get Back” premieres worldwide this Thursday (Disney+)

The filmmaker is sensitive to the idea that he should “disinfected“Session, and noted that”Move back“shows George Harrison briefly leaving the band, something that Lindsay-Hogg They did not allow him to show up.

it happened one morning when Harrison celebrated silently lennon And McCartney working in “both of usAs if the rest were not there. When it’s time for lunch, Harrison He had something more permanent in his mind.

,i leave the band now“He says almost naturally before leaving.

After a few days and a few meetings, the band reassured Harrison to come back. The morning he does this, the film already shows him lennon After reading a fake news that they had come to beat him up and were making fun of him by doing boxing stance.

In the journey, Jackson’s project dispels and reinforces popular myths that have been strengthened over the years,

Myth No. 1: McCartney was an obsessive controller,

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Decision: partially true, movie shows Harrison clearly irritated with McCartney Instructing him and the other band members how to perform and persuading them to make decisions about a live concert. The band had become a bit aimless since the manager’s death. Brian Epstein in 1967. McCartney played the role ofdad“And he’s not completely comfortable with it.

,I’m Afraid to Be the Boss, and I’ve Been a Few Years“Dice. ,i don’t get any support,

Myth number 2: Yoko Ono disbands The Beatles,

Decision: Fake, She is present in practically all recording sessions, but mostly as A gentle force sitting next to Lennon, the other spouse of The Beatles They show up in studies, though not as often. In a while, McCartney He also makes fun of the prophecy about her.

,It’s going to be incredibly fun 50 years from now; they broke up because yoko sat on an amp“Dice.

after noon Harrison He’s gone, The Beatles The rest clearly expressed their frustration with aggressive and atonal music, and This He took his microphone in a flashy moment.

Myth No. 3: The Beatles essentially became four soloists., with others as companions in the songs of others.

Decision: Fake, They constantly cooperate, ask for and accept advice. In a while, Harrison confesses lennon who have trouble completing the letter “doesn’t attract me like no other boyfriend” ,attracts me like no other lover) Feather “Some, lennon suggests using a nonsensical phrase, “attracts me like cauliflower”, until something better happens.

Throughout the movie, the audience can see how the song came about.”Move back” From McCartney make one riff side, and that and lennon exchanging lyrical selections and exchanging ideas to change it A song that criticized anti-immigrant sentiment And the whole band working on the arrangement. Satisfied with the end result, it is Harrison who suggests releasing it as a single immediately.

,Watching them work together is a hugely important piece of work not only for Beatles fans but also for creative people.“, said bob spitz, author of “The Beatles: The Biography”, published in 2005.

Myth No. 4: Footage shows Beatles breaking up,

Decision: necessarily true, clearly excited lennon And Harrison being a The Beatles is decreasing. lennon clearly in love This, McCartney says Harrison And star that if it all comes down to a choice between him and her The Beatles, lennon He will go with her.

Harrison, growing up creatively, is uncomfortable with his supporting role. talk to lennon about to make a solo album because he has enough songs written to fill his “”shareIn the albums of “. The Beatles for another decade. To prove my point, The Beatles They rehearse the majestic”all things Must Pass” From Harrison, but they refuse to record it.

in the cinema, lennon And star also discuss a meeting with the manager of Rolling stone, all the littleAbout handling the business of The BeatlesMILF from the beginning of a bitter separation McCartney,

,it’s full of short stories“, said jackson,

jackson, one of whom expected a traditional documentary, said he was nervous about showing his final product longer. McCartney, star and the family lennon And Harrison,

,But they came back and said, ‘Great, don’t change a thing’“, said.

There is happiness on the faces of the precious moments they discovered The Beatles When they were playing on the terrace of the studio. The movie shows all the acting, The Beatles Up to the challenge and have a good time.

When the police finally finished it, the band and crew went back to the studio and listened to recordings of what they had done.

,this is a great essay for something elsesays the producer George Martin,

Something that unfortunately didn’t happen.

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