Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Girlfriend Vicky confirms singer Huang Dawei was hospitalized for heart failure

Senior singer Huang Dawei, 57, who sang popular songs like “You Get Me Drunk”, was shocked that he was taken to hospital with heart failure. His girlfriend and manager Vicky also appeared in front of the media. confirmed Huang’s physical condition and said the actual cause remains to be seen. Inspection report shows.

Vicky passed away recentlycommunityThe restrictions on the platform led to the news that Huang Dawei was hospitalized, and according to the “Sanli News Network” report, Huang Dawei was sent to the hospital a few days ago due to shortness of breath. The doctor diagnosed him with heart failure and even affected the kidneys. Vicky said that Huang Dawei previously had severe swelling, which has now been resolved. Yesterday (for the first time) during cardiac catheterization examination, it was found that the blood vessels were not blocked. Currently, more detailed examinations are needed to find out the real cause of heart failure.

Huang Dawei and Vicky have been in love for more than 20 years. In the eyes of the outside world, the two are almost the best soulmates and business partners for each other. In the past, the woman was hospitalized for chemotherapy due to cancer. Song “When She Screams”, I didn’t expect Huang Dawei to collapse due to illness now, and Vicky would accompany her to take care of her.


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