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The first electric version of Hummer will be delivered to a new owner this holiday season. According to Autoblog, GMC boss Duncan Aldred is an EV truck model “Hummer Edition 1” that can be purchased for more than $ 112,000. Announced that delivery of “Edition 1)” will start in December. The conference also revealed that Edition 1 has an EPA range of 329 miles, slightly shorter than initially expected at 350 miles.

Weighing 4 tons, GMC’s electric truck is capable of reaching 60 mph from zero start in less than 3 seconds with up to 1000 hp of power and 1590 kgm of torque produced by three motors. It can also tow 7500 pounds and carry 1300 pounds. The truck uses the Altium battery pack, a platform developed by GM to electrify dozens of its own brands over the next few years.

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When shipping begins in December 2021, the “Edition 1” Hummer EV will be one of the first electric trucks on the market, alongside the Rivian R1T. Tesla is also working on the development of the EV pickup truck “Cybertruck”, but the company postponed its release to 2022 in August. According to Autoblog, more than 80% of Hummer EV reservations are for Edition 1, but other EV versions will be available in 2023. Some of them are cheaper and have a longer cruising range. GMC will also begin delivering the SUV version of the Hummer EV in 2023.

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on Engadget. The author, Mariella Moon, is an associate editor for Engadget.

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