Google Classroom: Learn new options without an internet connection

U.S.A.Google Classroom: Learn new options without an internet connection

Google Classroom: Learn about new offline options. (photocomposition)

Google We have brought good news for all our users. Thus, the US platform announced the addition of three new functions to improve the service google classroom and one of them will contain use this platform without the need Having an internet connection to generate hybrid learning and make maximum use of the platform across the globe.

It is important to note that Forum Educativa has been used by various companies, colleges and universities to continue education which was affected by the presence of COVID-19, since almost all Countries had to take drastic measures like keeping face-to-face education apart And replace it with a virtual system.

However, many countries Were able to adapt quickly due to success technological they have, but many others have not, and this is the case of Peru, Those who do not have education and technology system covering every corner of the country. Thus, Many children from remote areas chose to drop out of school and do household chores. A sad reality.

faced a great demand of technology forum, More options began to be used for free. Undoubtedly this ‘new modality’ makes building last longer People on the Internet and devices.

The good side is that both students and teachers discover new tools that can be useful in different areas.

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Google launched a solution so that its Google Classroom service can be used without internet and from any device.

“Students can now continue to work and learn offline or when they are faced with a spotty internet connection. Students have the option, when they are online, to download attachments of assignments to their phones to view and edit them later when they are offline,” Google explained.

Google Classroom.  (Photo: Captura)
Google Classroom. (Photo: Captura)

It should be noted that Access to Google Classroom can be done without the Internet, but through an Android device. for this reason it Download Classroom App for Android And also you can just join the meeting, But you won’t be able to send or download documents, launch questions and answers, as these options require an internet connection at the moment.

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“In many countries around the world, the investments we have made in our mobile applications have already helped millions of students continue to learn remotely through personal or shared phone use.”Google reported.

Google indicated that Offline mode lets students take school work wherever they go and continue learning on the go.

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Another option is that platform Is scan capable and will involve attaching multiple images and combining them to form a single file. This option will improve the interaction between teachers and students, as they will be able to send their files in one step.

“These improvements will help students submit their assignments more efficiently, even if they are in a hurry to meet a deadline.” Google’s statement reads.

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Teachers who use cell phones to give classes are also not far behind. Upgrades are there for them too.

View and grade assignments in class This will be easier, as they will be able to slide between the list of students without problems, let Leave personal feedback and comments on the work So that students can identify the areas in which they were wrong or highlighted the most.

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