Home World News Google shuts down links to California news sites to challenge mandatory profit-sharing law

Google shuts down links to California news sites to challenge mandatory profit-sharing law

Google shuts down links to California news sites to challenge mandatory profit-sharing law

“Pending”CaliforniaThe Press Protection Act requires tech companies to share profits with publishers.Google On the 12th, it said it would close links to California news websites for some users in California and suspend investment in the California news ecosystem in response to the above-mentioned bill. The California Journalists Association criticized the move as a threat to democracy.

The California House of Representatives recently passed Proposition AB886, also known as the “California Journalism Protection Act,” which would allow technology companies to pay publishers for news content and improve the media living environment. Will force. This bill is still stalled amid opposition from tech companies.

Jafar Zaidi, Google’s vice president of global news partnerships, explained in a blog post today that California’s news protection law will generate a content “link tax.” “We (Google) have been arguing for a long time that this is the wrong way to support journalism.”.

He said that once the bill is passed, there will be major changes in the services Google provides to California users and the traffic California publishers receive.

He emphasized that Google provides news search to help users find reports and also helps publishers of all sizes grow their audiences for free. The California Press Protection Act would overturn the existing model and benefit only media conglomerates, making it difficult for small publishers to survive and limiting users’ access to diverse media.

He said the business uncertainty caused by the California Press Protection Act is unacceptable for any company. In response to the bill’s potential impact, Google will conduct tests for some California users, including turning off links to California news websites, to measure the law’s impact on the product experience.

Google will also stop investing in the California news ecosystem “until the regulatory environment in California becomes clearer.”

Chaidi explained that Google believes the California News Protection Act destroys the California news ecology. To avoid harm to all parties and prevent the California news industry from being left in an even more difficult situation, Google urges legislators to take a different approach.

Google’s actions provoked a strong reaction in the California media, including groups such as The Mercury News. The California Journalists Association in a statement called on California lawmakers and Governor Gavin Newsom to oppose Google’s undemocratic threat to censor the work of California journalists by blocking news links during a US election year.

Governments are taking steps to make tech companies pay for news content. Last year,CanadaAfter the relevant legislation was introduced, Google’s parent company Alphabet said it would remove links to news content from Canadian publishers. Facebook’s parent company Meta also decided to stop providing news content in Canada, the United States and Australia.

Google has waged war against California legislators and news organizations. California Representative Buffy Wicks, sponsor of the California News Protection Act, said this is a bill about fairness and that she will continue to engage and negotiate with Google to ensure democracy. Light is immortal.



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