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Google Translate supports 24 languages ​​including Quechua 133 . adds to

Google Translate recently added 24 languages, and its AI world language library has expanded to 133 languages. (Reuters)

internet giantGoogle(Google) this week announced the expansion of Google Translate’s world language library, adding 24 languages ​​in one fell swoop, the largest single addition since Google added 16 new language translations in 2010, making it now The total number of languages ​​in Google Translate has arrived. Supports 133 species.

Added languages ​​include most spoken languages ​​in the UStribalQuechua and the native South American languages ​​Guarani and Aymara, as well as some widely spoken African and South Asian languages.

Google Translate research scientist Isaac Caswell explained that byartificial intelligenceThanks to technology, Google has studied many languages ​​that have not been served in the past, and further expanded the translation language library, which represents “a giant step forward in technology”; Because before, if researchers didn’t get enough online versions (such as e-books, e-books, newsletters or social media posts) for an AI system to learn, adding language would be impossible.

The inclusion of Quechua, spoken by 10 million people, in Google’s newly recognized language is a big win for Peruvian Quechua proponent Luis Ilcanqui, who said: “It will help keep Quechua and Spanish on an equal footing.”

“Irakanzi” means “you are lightning” in Quechua, and he created the Qichwa2.0 website, which includes dictionaries and resources for learning Quechua. “With translation, a new generation of young people and teens will be more active in using the language; fascinated by social networks, they can speak both Quechua and Spanish,” Iraqanzi said.

Google's newly recognized language includes Quechua, which is spoken by 10 million people.  The picture shows Peruvian students taking a Quechua language class.  ,
Google’s newly recognized language includes Quechua, which is spoken by 10 million people. The picture shows Peruvian students taking a Quechua language class. (The Associated Press)

Google said the new 24 languages ​​that the voice assistant doesn’t yet understand are currently limited to text-to-text translations; It is working to add features such as speech recognition, such as point and translate text images. Phone camera on it.

Peruvian machine translation researcher Arturo Vansawe at the University of Edinburgh, who co-founded a research consortium to improve Native American language technology, said, “The next challenge is phonetic research, where the Native American languages ​​of the Americas are traditionally spoken. ” Irakanzi This is important to many Peruvian healthcare workers who work in rural areas but only speak Spanish, as they must understand patients who primarily speak Quechua.

Google warns that the translation quality of the newly added languages ​​is still very low compared to other languages, such as English, Spanish and German; But Caswell said the language will only be added if the Google AI system has a certain level of proficiency; The matter is so wrong that we will not include it.”

Roberto Zarriki, a linguist and linguist at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, said he doubted Google would be able to provide services for Quechua, Guarani and Aymara without the close involvement of local community groups. language to make an effective language revival tool.

“Language is linked to life, culture, ethnic groups and political organization, and all of these must be taken into account,” he said.

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