Gu Jun came to New York to work late at night and sent a message to Big S saying goodbye for a while

Gu Jun Ye went to work in a nightclub in New York. (Photo: Provided by AI Nightclub)

han jingth juneVisit Taiwan in Marchbig bit(Xu Xiyuan) got together, and the two rekindled their 20-year-old friendship to become husband and wife. He had originally planned to stay in Taiwan for two months. On the night of the 12th, she posted a promotional photo of the event on Instagram, writing in English: “This Friday at the “Mission” nightclub in New York, I hope to see everyone!!” It can be seen that he has quietly left Taiwan to work in New York.

After Ku Jun and Da Es had married, they began their newly wed life in Taiwan. Due to her musical and acting abilities, Gu Jun has become the object of collaborations with several producers, but she is inseparable from Big S for the rest of the time, except on nightclub DJ shows. Now that I say goodbye to my newly wed wife, I will still have the opportunity to see her in Taiwan when my work in the United States is over.

The couple was photographed with Gu Junay and Da SsmallAfter eating at a Michelin restaurant, the tattoo she loved was exposed, blinding netizens. And Ku Jun was not idle when he was in Taiwan. In addition to promoting the NFT business, he also returned to his own business as a DJ. In April, he played a disc in a nightclub in the district of Ziny under the stage name DJ Koo. It was his first public appearance since becoming Taiwan’s son-in-law. Although the postponement was canceled due to the pandemic, it eventually went on to work smoothly. My sister-in-law, Xiao S, and the husband and wife team specially went to cheer, and Xiao S went on stage to dance and hug her. brother in law.

Big S and her husband Gu Junye often show off.  (courtesy from facebook)
Big S and her husband Gu Junye often show off. (courtesy from facebook)

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