Guido Bellido confirmed that Peru Libre “will not support the presidential vacancy in any way”.

U.S.A.Guido Bellido confirmed that Peru Libre "will not support...

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Former and current Congressmen of free peru, guido bellidogave its opinion on the announcement of the proposal of presidential vacancy In Legislation by MP Patricia Chirinos, from Avanza Pace. He indicated that when it’s a political issue, you have to know the exact motive behind promoting the president‘s departure, but that It was an initiative without coordination and it seemed that it was not supported by any sector.

Today we see some benches getting involved, and if this is employed with other elements, another scenario can be seen,” he said, adding that there was no communication from Castillo with the ruling bench. Has happened.

When asked whether it was a split bench, he explained that this was not the case, and justified the discrepancies as differing views. This is because the bench does not correspond to any party, and there are differences because there are not necessarily terrorists, and many come from the teaching profession. He said that he has his own uniqueness and it should be respected.

Returning to the vacancy, Belido said that It is clear to them that there are no cogent arguments for this motivation and that this scenario of the President‘s departure could be, They said that so far this vacancy is not going away, but since this is a political issue, they want to vacate not only the president, but what the political class does not want to forgive is that Pedro Castillo is the president. This has been seen at the end of the electoral process, he assured, and he has not stopped ever since the JEE announced it.

“I would not support a vacancy in any way, it is a back position. The bench is solid against the vacancy at this point of time”, he sentenced.

Despite the confrontation with the president, he expressed his support. “The government turning its back on the party, that it acts differently, doesn’t mean we are going to vacate it,” he said. Anomalies that we can no longer have,” he pointed out.

In regards to Patricia Chirinos, he preferred not to mention having an open process for allegedly disrespecting her. Regarding the vacancy request, Belido said that to do a thesis you should see the whole picture and for that you need time. “It is better to reserve oneself for reflection, to utter without looking for clarity on a political issue. Because the matter seems one sided, but tomorrow I don’t know what could happen.”, Held.

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They believe that the vacancy when they have the strength and elements will soon be introduced by the opposition. He said that he would continue to play in it from now on.

distrust of the BOLURTE

Asked about the possibility that the nation‘s vice president, Dina Boluarte, is behind the presidential vacancy, as noted by Congressman Kelly Portlatino, Bellido said she doesn’t believe she’s into those things, but indicated that It is important to know what the people around him think. Because they may have other motives and ideas. But for this he said that time will tell.

“I am clear that if Dina Boluarte vacates the President they will have to assume. If we are the malicious ones who seek the vacancy, they will try to contact the Vice President, to turn the PDTE over. This one Thesis is there. But we don’t have the elements of judgment to lay down that theory in a concrete way”. commented.

Congressman was honest about Boluarte’s position on the Presidential Board of Peru Libre, and said that at the time he was opposed to being vice-president, as there were no major ties to the party. And there were other allies with greater involvement and loyalty to the party. For example, Junin had many, he said.

He said you never know how a person is going to act, and if you want to know, you have to give him power. “I have always had a distrust of the Vice President as he has not had any special association with the party before. We have been working since 2015 and we haven’t seen him ”, Insisted.

Additionally, he argued that a sign that surprised him from Dina Boluarte is that when he was appointed Vice President of the Presidential Board of Peru Libre, he did not resign from his job at Renic. The first thing to do is to resign. He said he has always doubted the degree of commitment he had with the party.

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