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Guilin scenic spot “pulls tourists to the bridal chamber for 3 minutes” and drinks a bowl of tea for 168 yuan

Recently, a blogger filmed a video saying that while traveling to Yangshuo County in Guangxi and watching a folk performance in a scenic spot, he was pulled into the “bridal room” and charged 168 yuan (RMB, similar below , approximately US$23.2) was charged. For a bowl of tea. Other questions. The related video has sparked heated discussion on the Internet, and “Draged into a bridal chamber during a trip and charged 168 for 3 minutes” has also become a hot search.

Shangguan News reported that a blogger recently traveled to Shuojin Shuiyan Scenic Area in Guilin, Guangxi to experience the wedding customs of ethnic minorities. After the blogger attended the stage performance, she had a “Bridal Chamber” session with the actress. In the small room, the actor served a cup of tea to the blogger. The fee is 168 yuan. Many netizens said that this project was too expensive and expensive.

The administrator of the “Shanli Ancient Village” attraction where the incident occurred said that the company charges 39 yuan to experience wedding customs, which includes an ethnic custom package, a hydrangea and free tea in the small room. Administrator Mr. Huang said that the actress’s behavior violated company rules and that her practice of collecting tips privately would be investigated.

According to CCTV news reports, the local cultural and tourism department has paid attention to relevant information and is investigating. The concerned departments will also take next steps based on the investigation.

As soon as the video surfaced, netizens discussed it heatedly. Some people said, “Guangxi tourism had this trick eight years ago. How can it still be used after so many years?” “Many tourist attractions in Guangxi are privately operated and charge a fee under the banner of ethnic minorities.” Others said, “I went to the same place in 2010 and had the same experience, but it was only 20 yuan. My wife knocked on the door from outside and pulled me out. She’s still bitter about it Is”, “It was a robbery”, “Going to Guilin for a trip”, Be prepared to pay at any time. If you are deceived, you will be dumb and eat the yellow lotus.”

Tourists said that while visiting Yangshuo County, Guangxi, they saw a folk performance in a scenic spot and were pulled into the “bridal room” and charged 168 yuan for a bowl of tea. (Taken from Interface News)



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