Guillermo Bermejo on Bruno Pacheco’s US$20: “They were not found in the SIN room”

U.S.A.Guillermo Bermejo on Bruno Pacheco's US$20: "They were not...

Guillermo Bermejo’s intervention in the plenary session for the debate on the 2022 budget.

After finding $20,000 in cash inside the former presidential secretary’s office, Bruno PachecoCritics and questions of all kinds fell against the government of the time, fueling the opposition’s intention to expel President Pedro Castillo.

Faced with such a panorama, the first to defend the executive was the Congressman of Peru Libre, Guillermo Bermejo, who leveraged his speech at the plenary today to debate the 2022 budget to confront Congressmen who promote vacancy,

The official legislator said that “You must have a certain moral right to demand things in this country.” and referenced Alberto Fujimori’s former advisor, Vladimiro Montesino, Sentenced for various offenses committed under the said regime.

“The prosecutor’s office has to do its job, no one denies it. With regard to the secretary of the Government Palace, who no longer works (there), from here we urge the prosecutor’s office to do its job “, Bermejo indicated.

Soon after, the Peruvian Libre MP stated that in Pacheco’s case “They didn’t find anyone in the SIN room distributing the money”, which created uneasiness among the Congressmen of the Popular Force Bench.

“Here the Public Prosecutor’s Office is allowed to enter the Government Palace, here the prosecutors are not invented to enter the house of Vladimiro Montesino and steal videos of corruption, as he did in the 90s with the narcotics Did it to demonstrate the link between drug trafficking and Fujimori.. When Montesino collected quotas from drug traffickers in this country, you must have a certain moral right to demand things in this country “He continued.

Along these lines, Bermejo said that “we must demand from the people in charge (with reference to the Furza Popular Bench) to tell us where the secret accounts of Vladimiro Montesino are, we should ask them to tell us where all the money is.” Which was stolen from the country by Alberto Fujimori.”

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“From here we also demand that the prosecutor’s office be brought to the act and to the end, that it investigate, that it find out. (…) Do not ask to do what you did in the 90s , which is to handle the public prosecutor’s office as if it were a scam, to allow prosecutors to look into cases with first and last names in a timely manner, i.e. in this democracy that is not going to happen that prosecutions like that act as it should, but don’t use it to politicize an issue that is under scrutiny and as I repeat, if you want a little moral authority, tell all your prisoners to tell Where is the money stolen from Peru?, he emphasized.

Bruno Pacheco’s resignation formal

Through an extraordinary edition of the newspaper El Peruano, published last night, the formal resignation of Bruno Pacheco was announced, leaving the post of Secretary General of the Government Palace.

In a resolution signed by President Pedro Castillo and the head of the Council of Ministers’ Presidency, Mirtha Vasquez, he is thanked for the services rendered.

As recalled, Bruno Pacheco submitted his resignation letter. However, Pedro Castillo did not accept it until after four days.

“I am resigning from the post of Secretary General with the belief that I have not done anything wrong. Let me step aside to prevent the President from being the target of this slanderous campaign. I leave with my head held high and the assurance that my innocence will be proved. I will continue to work for Peru ”, Pacheco wrote on his social network.

Bruno Pacheco's departure is official.
Bruno Pacheco’s departure is official.

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