Gurvinda Ginjalu: For lice, to grow hair continuously.. These Gurvinda leaves are divine medicine.. How to use | Amazing facts about Gurvinda Ginzalu (Abrus pretorius)

HealthGurvinda Ginjalu: For lice, to grow hair continuously.. These...

abras pretorius

Gurvinda Ginjalu: Gurvinda Ginjalu is often heard as a proverb. Vine plant.. However, in rural areas they are found around trees. These Guruwinda nuts are measured as Lakshmi. Earlier the weight of gold was done by Guruvinda Mewa. These are Green, Yellow, Telugu and Black varieties. Although mostly red gurvinda seeds are seen, the rest of the colors are rarely seen. The seeds of this tree are poisonous. Tamil Siddhas, on the other hand, used to boil the seeds of Guruvinda in milk and then kept it at a high temperature to lose its toxic properties. The leaves and stems of this tree have medicinal properties. These are very good for our health. The seeds, leaves and roots of Gurvinda have been used in traditional medicine since time immemorial. In Ayurveda, the pulp of these seeds is used for certain types of mental disorders. Let us know today about the benefits of Gurvinda leaves.

Gourd peels are good medicine for lice. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. If you mix sesame oil in it and apply it regularly on the place where there is lice.. the hair will turn back.
* If you are troubled by the problem of hair fall.. Finely chop the leaves of Gurvinda and put them in sesame oil and boil them till the oil remains. This oil should be kept in a glass bottle.
* If you are troubled by earache.. Taking two drops of the juice of guruvinda leaves and applying it on the ear reduces earache.
* If you are suffering from cough, then after grinding the leaves of Gudinda and mixing sugar candy in equal quantity, the cough gets reduced quickly.
* If you have a sore throat problem, then chewing these leaves will give you a better voice.
* Heat castor oil in the leaves and apply it on the affected area.
* If there are white spots on the skin.. Write the juice of these leaves on those spots and stand in the sun for 15 minutes.. then wash with cold water. It should be applied regularly for few days
*Gurvinda smoke kills mosquitoes in our house. Mosquitoes do not lay eggs in the house due to smoking two days a week.
* Guruvinda nuts are also used to stop the insects of planets without touching the vein.

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