Hafiz/Gloria Tumbang, Double Mixed Out

SportsHafiz/Gloria Tumbang, Double Mixed Out

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NUSA DUA – Hafiz Faizal/Gloria Emanuelle Widjaja stopped in the quarter-finals Indonesia Masters 2021 after being defeated by representatives of Japan, Yuta Watanabe / Arisa Higashino with a score of 16-21, 21-17, and 21-9. This result leaves Indonesia without a representative in the mixed doubles sector.

Held at the Bali Convention Center, Friday (11/19/2021) noon WIB, Hafiz/Gloria appear immediately pressing since the beginning of the match. However, the couple from the Land of Sakura also gave their resistance.

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However, Hafiz/Gloria managed to beat Watanabe/Higashino in the first interval with a score of 11-8. The Red and White pair also performed quite well after the interval.

Hafiz/Gloria even managed to collect three points in a row to lead 16-13. Watanabe/Higashino also had time to catch up, but they failed. The reason is, Indonesia’s mixed doubles managed to close the first game with a 21-16 victory. in 20 minutes duration.

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Entering the second gym, both pairs played pretty tight. Buying and selling attacks this time happened from the beginning of the match. This time, the couple Red and white it has been left behind. Until finally, they could not catch up and fell behind in the second interval with a score of 9-11.

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Watanabe/Higashino dominated the game, they really didn’t want to slow down and continued to press the Hafiz/Gloria defence. And sure enough, the Japanese pair managed to win in the second game with a score of 21-17

In the third game, Watanabe/Higashino again showed their strength. Because they continue to launch attacks on Hafiz/Gloria’s defense. As a result, they had time to excel at the interval.

Hafiz/Gloria were not moved by the Japanese couple. In the end, they had to fail to advance to the next round. Watanabe/Higashino managed to turn things around and won with a score of 21-9.


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