Half of Shanghai’s class cabins have been “suspended” and more than 95% of schools are no longer in use

On the 10th of this month, Shanghai Lingang Kanghai Road Fengkang Shelter Hospital officially announced the “suspended cabin”. (China News Agency)

shanghai this waveEpidemicPrevention and control is slowly entering the final stage. Ding Bo, head of the transfer class for epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai, told a news conference on the morning of the 14th that with a gradual decline in the number of new positive infections every day in Shanghai, on the 13th, the two-level in Shanghai The number of people hospitalized in temporary hospitals has dropped to around 50,000, which is only 20% of the peak number in hospital. Therefore, temporary hospitals have gradually started to accommodate.

Ding Bo reported that at the city level shelter level, by the 13th, 5 shelters had been “closed”, accounting for half of the city level shelters. Five city-level shelters are still in operation, including the National Convention and Exhibition Center Shelter, the New International Expo Center Shelter, the Lingang No. 1 Free Trade Zone Shelter, the World Expo Exhibition Hall Shelter, and the Chongming Flower Expo Foxing Pavilion. , and the next step will be based on the development of the epidemic situation is divided into two types: “gradual cabin closure” and “generalized reservation” for systematic adjustment.

At the district level, all the 68 temporary transit platforms at the district level have been closed. For shelters already built by school resources, they are classified and adjusted according to “unused”, “partly used” and “fully used”. As of the 13th, more than 95% of the 288 school renovation shelters already planned are no longer in use, and strict cleaning and sterilization and safety assessments have been carried out.

Zhao Dandan, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Health and Health Commission, said that at present, the epidemic prevention and control situation in Shanghai continues to stabilize and improve, and the number of new positive infections shows a declining trend. However, some key areas such as older communities still have a certain risk of epidemic rebound, and the foundation of prevention and control is not stable, and requires high vigilance.

Zhao Dandan appealed to the citizens of Shanghai, at this stage, those who should not go out, should not go out, and those who can go out as little as possible, who should be tested for nucleic acid, They take part in the sample. at the specified time and place; Those who should be quarantined should actively cooperate with the transfer or stay in home isolation. He said that in this way a strong synergy of epidemic prevention and control can be formed in the city, and the society of the city can be cleaned at the earliest.


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