Hamas member kills Israeli in Jerusalem

WorldHamas member kills Israeli in Jerusalem

  • A 26-year-old boy was killed and another civilian and two Israeli policemen were seriously injured in the attack.

Violence never leaves Jerusalem. In the second attack on the holy city this week, a Israeli citizens has been shot by a member of Hamas, The attacker has been killed by the police. In addition, there is another civilian and two Israeli policemen. severely injured In this Sunday’s attack in the old city Jerusalem, Two days after Britain outlawed its political arm, Hamas celebrated the attack in the occupied city.

It was a quiet morning in the holy city when the first shot was fired. Fadi Abu Shezdam, The 42-year-old from Shuafat, East Jerusalem, has used his household weapon to spread fear in the streets of the old city. Eli K, a 26-year-old Jewish boy who recently moved from here South Africa, has been his only death so far. In “just 32 seconds”, the attacker was killed by Israeli police.

Also this Wednesday, 16 year old Palestinian, a native of occupied East Jerusalem, stabbed two Israeli agents to death. later it was Downhearted In one of the main streets of the walled city. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said after the announcement, “I have ordered the security forces to prepare accordingly and remain vigilant, out of concern about counterfeit attacks.” strengthen police presence in the old city.

“Victory Operation”

“Message of Heroic Operation Warning to criminal enemy And for his government to stop attacks on our land and our holy places, Hamas has celebrated in a statement. Although some media claim that Abu Shezdam acted on his own, Islamic movements Hamas And this Islamic Jihadi They have celebrated aggression. Israel’s Minister of Public Security, Omar Bar Levy, has told Channel 12 that Sheikhidem was a known member of Hamas. Looks like it was “attacked” planned& rdquo; Because his wife had left the country three days ago.

United Kingdom Announced this Friday Hamas’ political branch illegalAn organization considered a terrorist by the United States and the European Union that has de facto ruled the Gaza Strip for 14 years. “A morning like this, one can get Cooperation Bennett told his cabinet this Sunday about the (British) decision to designate Hamas as a terrorist organization and rdquo; Islamic militia spokesman Hazem Qasim has also joined it. Congratulations Towards the new “martyr”; Because of them.

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“The holy city will fight until eviction of foreign occupiers and will not accept the abhorrent reality of the occupation”, he added in a statement. In East Jerusalem, part of the city occupied by Israel, some 200,000 Israelis live with it. 300,000 Native Palestinian. The perpetrator of the attack lived in the Suhafat refugee camp in this part of the city occupied by the army in the 1967 Six-Day War and later captured by Israel.

Under international law, Israeli colonization is illegal But this has never been a hindrance to the Hebrew authorities. Following the attack, police immediately sealed all entrances to the historic walled complex. Although residents of the Old City of Jerusalem are used to these types of attacks, it has been different because it is first with a gun Since the wave of violence last May. Clashes in the holy city over the planned evictions in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood preceded the outbreak of war in the Gaza Strip, which claimed the lives of more than 260 people on the Palestinian side.

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