Hardliners win the Pennsylvania Republican Race, fear on both sides

Many of Mastriano’s Republican opponents have been holding private conference calls in recent days to stop him at the last minute. Although Mr. Mastriano has not yet faced any serious coordination attack, everyone agrees that he will pull the party. The two rivals, State Senator Jack Coleman and former spokesman Lou Barletta, held a joint event on Thursday, suggesting that the region could soon be at least somewhat unified.

Democrats have their own fears: However, the political climate of 2022 will overwhelm Republicans, and in a hostile environment, they will inevitably appear.

“Like most Democrats, I’m schizophrenic about this – I support this madman because it gives us the best chance of winning. But at the same time, it gives us a crazy senator or a crazy governor or both, ”said Pennsylvania Democratic strategist Mike Mickus.

For years, Pennsylvania has been one of America’s best swing states, with a clear path to power mediated between Democrats and Republicans. The vacancy this year was due to the retirement of Republican Senator Pat Tommy and the limited term of Democratic Governor Tom Wolf.

“Pennsylvania is not great for terrorists on both sides,” said Rob Gleeson, former chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party, one of Trump’s main supporters in the state in 2016, and now worries about Mastriano in 2022. Whatever it is, it is a sub-mediator. ,

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