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TechnologyHardware design platform attracts investor attention, nTopology raises a...

Software for hardware design has recently become popular in the world of VC investment. Following recent rounds by Flux and Bild, nTopology has announced the implementation of a large-scale Series D of $ 65 million. The funding, led by Tiger Global, has brought the total funding of the New York-based company to $ 135 million. Existing investors Root Ventures, Canaan Partners, Haystack and Insight Partners are also participating in the round.

nTopology effectively provides CAD software intended for use by engineers in a wide range of fields such as industrial design, aerospace, automotive and medical. The company promises a more elegant solution than traditional systems, with a particular focus on the world of 3D printing / additive manufacturing technology.

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“Early in my career, I realized that most engineering software like CAD was a bottleneck in driving innovative designs,” said co-founder and CEO Bradley Rothenberg. Bradley Rosenberg) said in a release related to this news. “Especially founded to solve engineer problems, we enable engineers to take full advantage of the power of the layered build process and fill the gaps left by these old-fashioned design tools. “.

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The company recently released v3.0 of software with the same name as the company. It currently has about 300 customers, including Ford, Lockheed Martin and Honeywell. Recently, in partnership with 3D printer giant Stratasys, we have developed a software platform “FDM Assembly Fixture Generator” for laminated modeling workflows.

According to nTopology, the funds raised this time will be used for international business expansion and development of additional software functions.

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