Harris argued for abortion rights during the Biden administration

Now Ms Harris has the opportunity to make her superiors hear the government’s voice on a complex issue.

Biden, a lifelong Catholic, opposed Rowe early in his career before accepting abortion rights. But he remains a lawyer who has no chance of a problem. After Politico released its draft opinion last week, he made a strong statement. But before that, as president, he had never uttered the word “abortion” out loud.

In contrast, Ms Harris has spoken publicly on several occasions about the possibility of the court dismissing Roy. Aides to the vice president said she hopes to discuss the matter more actively in the coming weeks as a final court decision on the matter is likely to be made by the end of June.

Some women’s rights groups say the historic moment could create or break her legacy as vice president.

“This is a leadership building moment, so in my opinion, the question every leader should ask themselves is where do they want to go? Where were they when this happened? “Said Fati Graves, president of the Margos’ Center for National Women’s Law.

For others, it may be that Ms Harris’s entry into the leadership vacuum is a disturbing reminder that she has no power to launch any policy proposal. As vice president, she did not even mention the word abortion and many followed the line of the White House and other Democratic leaders, saying Fertility Group founder and executive director Renee Bracy Sherman was responsible for taking action on voters. (Renee Bracy Sherman) said. Justice Group We testify.

“I’m really amazed at how much space she really gets as the best abortion supporter out there,” Ms. Bracy Sherman said. ” Black women are asking you to do something. And then a black woman faces a leadership flaw – which is really frustrating. “

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