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Has law and order improved?Homicide declined sharply this year, but car theft increased across America.

FBI statistics show thatpandemicDuring this period, the number of murders across the United States increased rapidly and then decreased significantly in 2023. The number of murders in Detroit is the lowest since the 1960s, the number of murders in Philadelphia this year is the lowest since last year. 20% less than in the U.S., and the number of murders in Los AngelesShootingThere are about 200 fewer victims this year than two years ago.

During the pandemic, George Floyd, an African-American man in Minnesota, died in May 2020 after a white police officer pressed his knee on his neck. Demonstrations took place across America against police violence. The New York Times reported on the 29th that 2020 was the year with the largest increase in the number of murders in US history. According to the latest FBI data and analysis by independent criminologists and researchers, the year 2023, which is about to end, is expected to be the year with the largest decrease in the number of murders in the United States. One of the years.

tracked by the fbiViolent crimeCar theft was the only one of the nine major items of crime and property crime that showed an upward trend in the first three quarters of 2023.

Reports state that cases of vandalism, vandalism and looting of shops were widely circulated on social networking sites. The general public believed that public safety in the central area of ​​the metropolitan area was out of control, which was contrary to the statistical results of crime reduction. However, although crime cases in some projects are now higher than before the pandemic, the overall number of crime cases has declined across the country, including in many cities that are often cited as examples by politicians. Is. Murders in Chicago and New York City decreased by 13% and 11%, respectively. , shootings dropped by 25%. In his speech during the election campaign this year, former President Trump had described both these cities as “crime capitals”.

Murders increased significantly in 2020 and 2021. Crime experts attributed this to the impact and performance of the pandemic. However, the reason for the decline in murders this year is that people have gradually forgotten the epidemic.

Crime analyst Jeff Asher explained that the increase in murders is not due to an incident in a particular neighborhood or street, but is related to larger national factors. The decline in murders is also related to national factors, the most important of which is that the pandemic has ended.



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