“He has devoted himself to destruction”: Julen Rementaria’s AMLO. new criticism of

U.S.A."He has devoted himself to destruction": Julen Rementaria's AMLO....

The coordinator of the Blue and White Bench in the Mexican Senate expressed his dissatisfaction following statements in which AMLO talked about a change of government in 2018 (Photo: Cuartocuro)

coordinator of the bench National Action Party (PAN) in the Senate of the Republic, Julen Rementeria del Puerto, Mexican President attacked Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), after Tabasco announced at its morning conference on November 24 that if no changes were made in 2018, the country would “drown”.

“If 2018 had not changed, Pemex would have already been in bankruptcy, CFE would have been the same and there would have been chaos in the country. I am no astrologer, but I have sensitivity. Had I not changed that looting policy, The country will sink, it will not be able to face the pandemic like we didMany more lives would have been lost by this, the country would have been destroyed. Now we have economic and financial stability, the country has not gone into debt, ”the Mexican president said in his meeting with the press.

In this context, PAN spoke about this through his official Twitter account. “President Lopez, I correct the page. If you hadn’t been president: 3.8 million will not be the new poor. They would not have removed popular insurance from 15 million Mexicans. There would be no child without drugs for their cancer. Without daycare there would be no kids,” Rimenteria wrote.

A PAN senator attacked AMLO after his statements about a government change in 2018 (Photo: Twitter / @julenrementeria)
A PAN senator attacked AMLO after his statements about a government change in 2018 (Photo: Twitter / @julenrementeria)

However, these were not the only elements he listed against Tabasco’s administration, as in another tweet he wrote the following: “Without shelter there would be no women. There won’t be 3 times more deaths than Calderon. He would not have taken away cancer treatment in women. If you had not arrived, President López Obrador, Mexico would be better off. Because you have only devoted yourself to destruction.”,

Reaction to Rementeria’s allegations was immediate and although some Internet users criticized AMLO’s statements, there were other Twitter users who expressed their impact on the role of the opposition in Mexico and invited the Veracruz senator to “solve” And not just social networks to express your dissatisfaction.

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“And now? Is this going to be solved with just one tweet?”, “And what are you going to do besides tweeting things we all already know? Other than supporting you Marco Cortés What are you going to do that made the pan invisible?” and “I don’t think anyone stopped the dead, but talks with unscrupulous people like Seguro Popular, pinch* robbery and nursery in a secluded area Margaret Zavala”, were some of the comments that Rementeria Publications received.

Julen Rementaria demanded that the post of Governor of Bangkok be filled by one person "trained" and Victoria Rodriguez exploded against Ceja's nomination (Photo: Andrea Murcia / CUARTOSCURO.COM)
Julan Rementaria demanded that the post of Governor of Banxos be filled by a “deserving” person and exploited the nomination of Victoria Rodriguez Ceja (Photo: Andrea Murcia / CUARTOSCURO.COM)

Among the recent announcements of the Blue and White senator was the nomination of Victoria Rodriguez SejaProposed by AMLO to occupy the post of Governor in Bank of Mexico (Banxico). Given this, Pan demanded that Tabasco nominate a “qualified” person to take over.

“PDTE. López Obrador: If there’s anything missing in his fourth transformation, it’s economic literacy. Choosing you to run the Banco de Mexico unconditionally is a serious mistake. Nominate a qualified person and leave the economy ready and experienced profile“He tweeted.

However, AMLO reported that Rodriguez Seja “She is a normative woman, autonomous, independent, an integral womanShe is not a technocrat who receives instructions as before; From the Secretary of the Treasury, to the President, who has already gone down in history”.

For his part, Rogelio Ramírez de la O, head of Finance and Public Debt Secretariat ,SHCP), assured that Rodriguez Seja, Under Secretary for Finance Expenditure, is an honest and capable woman, which is why she favored an application to become the first female governor of Bangkok.

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