He has never played in the country and is in the class of Manchester City: who is the Argentine who won the Golden Shoe in MLS

U.S.A.He has never played in the country and is...

Valentin Castellanos celebrates one of his goals, while Maximiliano Moralez and Gudmundur Thorarinson run to congratulate him. Photo: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY SPORTS

NS Major League Soccer From America It is one of those tournaments characterized by having international figures who monopolize the world marquee with the brilliance of their heroes. The stars of the hierarchy with the past in Europe or the bright promises that threaten to become the future Cracks Build a dynamic competition that continues to grow and attract millions of fans. And, after the end of the regular season, an Argentine who had no football background in his country was left with. Golden Boot thanks to 19 achievements that he scored by wearing the shirt of New York City FC.

Valentin Castellanos He was the most outstanding football player of the championship in the northern country. ahead guaymalen inflated the network of its rivals in 19 times and allowed access to the New York set playoffs, where you will encounter atlanta united Looking for quarter finals.

But before his aggressive outburst, a young man who was trained at an amateur club in the second division of the Mendoza League He set out on his maximum adventure during his teenage years and began a career full of success and recognition on the other side of the Andes Mountains.

his debut in u de chile, through its passage montevideo city torque, arrival at mls where they were welcomed Bottle gourd Villa and in its anointing Colombia’s Pre-Olympics there were some subjects that Father in conversation with infobae,

,What does it mean to get the Golden Boot in a league full of statistics?

—It is a pleasure from the individual and collective aspect, as it served as an aid in qualifying for the playoffs. It was something fundamental to my career and I try to enjoy it to the fullest with my family, friends and club people, because without my teammates I wouldn’t have been able to achieve it. Undoubtedly, this is a recognition of the good works done during the year. They were 5 months of playing Wednesday and Saturday, which caused a lot of wear and tear; So we had to pay a lot of attention to physical appearance and comfort. And fortunately its fruits were seen.

,How can you analyze the game? America’s football is sometimes underestimated…

The center of most teams is characterized by their rudeness. I bump into them constantly, because it’s a very physical league. It has grown a lot in the last three or four years, because it is no longer a place where players come to retire, rather it is a very powerful tournament which is growing day by day.

,You were the top scorer in a tournament that had forwards like Pipita Higuain, Sebastian Druisi, Gustavo Bou, Chicharito Hernandez and Raul Ruidiaz, how does it feel to beat that type of player?

-is incredible. I especially like the way the Columbus crew plays Lucas Zelleran, but Inter Miami also has the Higuain brothers, who have a bigger hierarchy. Anyway, it is not only Pipita who stands out as an individual because of his past on the national team, but there are others like Ruidiaz at Seattle Sounders or Kamara at DC United who scored many goals during the regular season.

,You shared the dressing room with David Villa when you arrived in New York City, what was it like to coexist with the Spaniard who won the World Cup in South Africa?

-with him Bottle gourd I was there for six months. He is an international icon who shines everywhere. I had a lot of fun I remember the first day I arrived, he was in the gym as he was recovering from a knee problem and when he saw me pull, he grabbed me from behind, hugged me and gave me a “Welcome Tati” Thrown what went out. I. He was the captain of the team and I couldn’t believe it! I looked at him and thought about the times I’ve played in Play with him and now he was in front of him and he knew my name… it was so crazy.

El Tati and El Gueje in New York City FC facilities
El Tati and El Gueje in New York City FC facilities

,Today you have to share a team with players from Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Iceland, Canada, Libya… The coach is from Norway, how is it to coexist in that dressing room?

There’s a huge variety of nationalities, but we’re also like 10 South Americans who understand each other a lot. It’s a club with lots of language and lots of culture, which allows us to learn new things every day.

,And who handles the music?

“We handle it with Maxi Moralez.” We play a lot of reggaeton and cumbia, but sometimes we look for things out of la barriso or you just won’t like it, which is cool to have some companions. It’s not so noisy at half past eight in the morning. We mostly have fun with what we wear.

,How much do you enjoy the anonymity that comes from living in a city like New York? Elsewhere, perhaps football is lived differently…

“It’s an incredible city.” In the United States, football doesn’t live as well as it does in Argentina, because the fans aren’t so sick of the passion that they carry in their blood. Maybe if they recognize you on the street, they just stare and are in a hurry to ask for a photo. This gives you some freedom in your personal life, because when you go to a restaurant or a cinema, you don’t experience permanent harassment. It’s a great peace and I think that’s why so many stars come here to play.

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,Is this a pending account to play in Argentina?

– Yes definitely. I always had that small part to play in the Argentine team. I want to be able to achieve this in future but not now because I am living abroad for 6 years and I try to continue my career abroad. Maybe tomorrow I want to close my stage as a footballer in my country.

,And the economic reality of Argentina does not help …

“Yeah, that’s another point of analysis.” Today the footballer’s career has changed a lot. Now a player does not retire at the age of 33, but it can be extended up to 38 or 40 years. While it is still a short race, I think the moments are to be enjoyed as well. So it is important to take care of yourself from all aspects to recover physically.

,At least you could wear a national team shirt at the Colombian pre-Olympics…

—Yeah, I had my best season in New York City in 2019 and got the opportunity to go to Sub 23. It was a process of several friendly processions prior to the Pre-Olympics being played in Colombia. Bocha Batista took me on a tour of Spain and Mexico. The truth is that an incredible group was formed with which the goal was achieved. I still have friends with Mati Zaracho, Fausto Vera, Feku Cambis, Agus Urzi and most of the boys …

,How was your career abroad?

—He played for Muriel de Mendoza, a team in the second division of the league. It was all very amateur, from the neighborhood. Since I was lucky enough to stand out on the weekend at games, the coach, who was Tony Torres, had contact with Diego Riverola, a historian at the U of Chile, and he took me to do some tests. Thank god things are working well. Since it was close to Mendoza, I went for two weeks and stayed for a year and a half.

,You crossed the Andes Mountains to reach one of the greatest teams in South America, did you know about that?

—It was a very extensive process, because I spent the first 10 months without being able to play, because I was a minor and didn’t have FIFA permission. Since I was a foreigner and had not played for any Argentine club, I had to wait until I was 18 to sign my first contract. A few months later I started training with the Primera squad and then it was time to go on loan to Torque, which was a very beautiful stage in my life.

The forward was the champion of the Pre-Olympics which was hosted by Colombia in 2019
The forward was the champion of the Pre-Olympics which was hosted by Colombia in 2019

,And the possibility of MLS in Uruguay opened up to you by playing on a team that belongs to the New York City owners.

-This is true. If I had lived at the University of Chile, I probably wouldn’t be here today. My time at Torque made me huge. I got tired This is a very humble team in which everything was brand new. I met wonderful people, because it was all so familiar. As I was very comfortable, I was able to have a great season and as he belongs to Manchester City group, I got extra motivation.

,Are you aware of the possibility that opens up to you? Maybe tomorrow you can play for Pep Guardiola’s team

– From the moment I arrived at Montevideo City Torque, I set my goal to reach Manchester City. The good news is that there are many teams that belong to a business group that can serve as an initial stopover. It’s a very good process, which generates a great deal of inspiration.

,To do this, one of the closest goals is to seek the title in MLS…

“Yeah, you have to go little by little.” Now we will play Round of 16 against Atlante United, which will be a very good game, because it will be played on our court with the support of our people. Our goal is to reach the semi-finals, which is an example the club has never been able to reach.

,One of the theories about Lionel Messi is that he could end his MLS career, what would that mean to you?

“It’s the dream I’ve always had.” I would love to meet him in person one day. I don’t know if it will happen here or anywhere in the world. I think if at some point he decides to play in MLS, of course I’m gone. Maybe he should sign a contract with New York City in which he puts a clause in Leo being able to play here. But hopefully I can cross it to Europe.

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