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He rode a motorcycle in Washington, DC, and arrived in San Francisco in 4 months

Gregory Massen, 54, suffering from peripheral neuropathy, rides an electric bicycle from Washington, D.C. on the East Coast on April 2, heading west along the Lincoln Highway, which opened to traffic in 1912 went. finally arrived on the 2ndsan franciscoChrissy Field. It took Mason 4 months to become the first person in the United States to ride an electric bicycle across the North American continent. To celebrate Mason’s arrival, San Francisco Mayor London Breed declared August 2 “Greg Lemason and Peripheral Neurological Disorders Awareness Day”.

Peripheral nerve disease can cause numbness, burningGulf regionThere are about 400,000 patients, and about 30 million patients nationwide.

Mason travels across the United States from Washington, DC in early April in support of the Foundation for Peripheral Neurological Disorders. They raised over 150,000 yuan in total along the way. The foundation’s executive director, Lindsey Colbert, said Mason has raised awareness of the disease to millions of Americans, and the funding will lead to more academic research to find a cure, and hopefully one day in the future. cure the disease.

Mason became the first person to cross the United States on an electric bicycle. (cron 4)

On the 2nd, to celebrate Mason’s arrival, people held a party in the picnic area of ​​Chrissfield Park. Front-line first responders and cycling enthusiasts accompanied Mason to complete the final journey. Bay Area medical staff accompanying Joe Mason. Darrell Sales accompanies him across the finish line.

It wasn’t until after Mason arrived in San Francisco that the mayor had named a festival in his honor. “It’s so moving, it’s amazing. Everything San Francisco is doing is for people with peripheral neurological disease,” Mason said. “When I was sick, I bought myself an electric bike and I promised myself that if my physical and mental condition could do it, I would cross America, and I did.”

Mason said the ride had the longest dayUtah99.57 miles to Baker City, Nevada. Despite the difficulty, he met several patients with the same disease along the way, who encouraged Mason to complete the rest of his journey. “Physically, I was at my best, I didn’t get hurt,” Mason said, “and most importantly, in four months, I got to see an awful lot of country on an electric bike.”

To patients with the same disease, Mason would like to say: “Stand up and move.” He said that spiritual improvement is more important, and never doubt yourself.


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