Health: Are you eating at the dining table? But it is as if you are losing these benefits.. if you eat sitting on the floor.. Do you know these health benefits of sitting on the floor while eating food

HealthHealth: Are you eating at the dining table? ...

Health: According to the changing times, there has been a complete change in the lifestyle of man. At one time there was more physical activity, less mental activity. But now the situation has completely changed. Due to the change in lifestyle, there has been a change in the diet along with the eating habits of humans. Those who once used to eat while sitting on the floor but are now sitting at the dinner table must have changed.

The same situation is now being seen in most of the houses. But do you know that there are many benefits of eating sitting on the floor. Let us now know the benefits of eating while sitting on the floor.

*Since it is under the plate while eating while sitting on the floor..it lets you go back and forth every time. By doing this the abdominal muscles are activated. The food taken with it is easily digested.

* By sitting and eating, the vertebrae become straight. This allows information to reach the brain easily. With this the brain quickly recognizes that the stomach is full.. and says that enough is enough. It also helps in weight loss.

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* Sitting on the floor in the lotus position has completely diminished in recent times. With the increasing use of chairs and sofas, everyone is sitting on top. But sitting on the floor reduces the pressure on the muscles and joints. Along with lower back pain, other pain can be checked.

* Sitting in the lotus position on the floor improves blood circulation. Sitting on the same chair does not allow proper circulation of blood to the heart. Therefore, there are many benefits of eating while sitting and eating.

As you can see, there are many benefits to eating while sitting on the floor.

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